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Celestial Navigation & Coastal Navigation Courses & Transport Canada, Marine Safety Certification Programs

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Established in 1976, International Navigation School has been providing distance-learning navigation and safety courses for professional mariners (compliance with TP2293E Marine Safety), as well as onshore and offshore celestial and coastal navigation courses for non-professionals since 1976. The allowable time for course completion is six months.

The distance-learning format allows you to learn at your own schedule and pace while providing comprehensive support, explanations, guidance, as well as exam preparation where applicable. The courses are comprehensive and will leave you thoroughly in command of the knowledge and skills that you need, while the explanations and guidance from instructors will ensure that you are never overwhelmed.

International Navigation School offers following courses in the distance learning format - Celestial Navigation Courses, Coastal Navigation Courses, and Transport Canada, Marine Safety Certification Courses. Materials provides are - Test Materials; Celestial Plotting Sheets and Sight Table extracts; Catalogue of Charts & Boating Safety Guide; Tide Table extracts, Navigational Aids Template; and Navigation Charts, two Full size up to date Colored - One Canadian & One American.

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Training Programs

Celestial Navigation Courses

  • Celestial 1: This course is for sail and power association members, Canadian Yachting Association (CYA), or independent mariners. Celestial 1 completely equips for all types of offshore voyages.
  • Celestial 1 (Astro) and Celestial 2 (Astro Level 2): This course is for candidates for transport Canada, marine safety, certification. Celestial 2 consists of the advanced areas of Astro Navigation including The Sailings, required under the Marine Safety examination regulations. Astro Level 1 is available for Fishing Master certification preparation. The sight calculation device for this category is the Electronic Calculator.

Coastal Navigation Courses

  • Coastal 1 - For Non-Professional Mariners: Coastal 1 is for sail and power, Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) members, and independent mariners. It equips them for inshore sailing and focuses on safety, traditional methods, and navigation using modern, electronic tools.
  • Coastal 1 and Coastal 2 - For Professional Mariners: Coastal 1 and Coastal 2 - comprised of Chartwork and Pilotage Level 2 are for people who are candidates for Transport Canada, Marine Safety, Certification. Coastal 2 consists of advanced areas of Coastal navigation required by Transport Canada, Marine Safety examination regulations. Units of study for Coastal 2 expand on material from Coastal 1.

Transport Canada, Marine Safety Certification Courses

  • Chartwork and Pilotage (Level 2)
  • Astro-Navigation (level 2) Includes the Sailings and The Sextant
  • Communications
  • The Sextant (Includes Tutorial and Exam)
  • Meteorology (Level 2)

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Last Updated: June 22, 2021