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Champlain College Saint-Lambert - Transportation & Logistics Education

Transportation and Logistics Specialist AEC in Quebec, Canada

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Champlain College Saint-Lambert is a public English language CEGEP located on the South Shore of Montreal within a short 10-minute walk from the Longueuil-Université de Sherbrooke Métro station. Champlain offers both two-year pre-university and three-year career programs. There are approximately 2,700 students attending Champlain College Saint-Lambert. The students come from diverse cultures and speak a variety of languages giving the college a friendly and multicultural environment where you will meet new people and live new experiences.

The small classes and labs mean that the teachers can take the time to get to know you and give you personal attention and feedback. Also, students have easy access to a variety of academic support services, such as computers, counseling, academic advising and library services to name a few.

CEGEP: Certain Quebec area community colleges, commonly called CEGEPs after the initials of the French name, "Collège d'enseignement général et professionnel", are distinctive institutions in Quebec. They offer two-year general programs, leading to university studies, and three-year technological programs serving a wide variety of interests. Tuition-free, the junior colleges are open to all residents of Quebec who have completed secondary level and who can meet the standards required for successful completion of the collegial programs. They are also open to foreign students who pay fees currently set at about $3600 CDN per semester.

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Training Programs

Full Time Program

  • Specialist in Transportation and Logistics AEC: This program is designed for adults who do not have prior academic training in the areas of transportation and logistics. It is intended to enable them to begin successful careers and provide a sound foundation for further education and career development in this economic sector. This AEC (Attestation of Collegial Studies) program aims to produce individuals who can fulfill a wide range of technical roles in the logistics and transport sector, specifically in transportation, warehousing, distribution, and other related areas of the supply chain and logistics industry.
  • The Specialist in Transportation and Logistics program is primarily directed at two major groups: first, those who are not working and who are seeking to begin a career in a sector which offers good long term career prospects; and secondly, those working in the transportation industry who wish to advance to an administrative position.

Champlain College Facts

  • Campus Locations: St. Lambert
  • Legal Recognition / Accreditation: Public institution recognized under a public act, Canada
  • Memberships / Affiliations: Association of Canada Community Colleges (ACCC)

Last updated Nov 14, 2021