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Lasalle College - Transport & Logistics Training

International Transportation & Logistics Training in Montréal

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Since its debut over fifty years ago, LaSalle College has distinguished itself as the private post-secondary educational institution offering the highest quality of teaching and the utmost in student success. Essentially, LaSalle College offers a unique selection of pre-university and technical DEC programs, all of which lead either to accelerated university studies or to highly - valued positions on the job market.

In an effort to be accessible to everyone, LaSalle College also offers exclusive short-term training programs, allowing for professional reorientation and effective entry into the job market. LaSalle College responds to your needs and provides you with efficient pedagogical support thanks to its dynamic team of teachers straight from the industry.

The solid educational programs develop and evolve as a result of maintaining continuous contact with qualified professionals in the industry in each field of specialization.

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Training Programs

Logistics Training

  • International Transportation Logistics Program (AEC): This program is ideal for individuals looking to reorient or pursue a new career in Logistics Transportation Management. It is also for professionals wishing to enhance their practical skills, especially in International Logistics. The mission of this international program is to prepare students to effectively and ethically manage logistics transportation activities in both private and public organizations around the world.
  • This includes the ability to appropriately apply logistics concepts, to analyze problems quantitatively and qualitatively, to use and manage information technology and to operate in a global environment. This program provides graduates the opportunity to undertake management positions in all fields of commerce and trade by air, water, highway or rail.


  • Campus Location: Sainte-Catherine Street West, Montréal (Québec) Canada
  • Legal Recognition / Accreditation: Private Non-Profit Institution Recognized under a Public Act. Enabling Legislation: An Act respecting private education

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