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Shipping Management & Finance, Logistics Management & Engineering, Marine & Ocean Engineering, Transport Engineering & Economics, Maritime Law, Education and Research

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Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-disciplinary university that encompasses areas SUCH as engineering, management, economics, law, liberal arts, and science, with special emphasis on shipping technology, economics and management.

SMU consisting of 14 colleges and has over 20,000 full-time students of which, over 14,000 are undergraduates and 2,500 postgraduate students. Of the over 900 full-time teachers, 120 are professors and 30 percent hold a doctorate. Over the past decades the university has produced specialists at various levels for the country’s shipping industry. It has graduated over 50,000 students, who are employed in shipping companies, port enterprises and government institutions. Deservedly, SMU has been honored as a cradle of international shipping specialists.

At present the university runs two post-doctoral research stations, one first-level-discipline doctoral program, seven second-level-discipline doctoral programs, 29 master’s degree programs, two specialized master's degree programs, 43 bachelor’s degree programs, and 12 associate-degree programs.

Note: Not all programs are available to international students.

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs (Chinese - 4 years)

  • Marine Navigation
  • Administrative Management (Marine management )
  • Marine Engineering
  • Marine Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  • Shipping Management
  • Transport
  • Logistics Management
  • Transport Engineering
  • Economics (Marine Transport and Logistic Economics)
  • International Trade & Economics
  • Finance (Shipping Finance)
  • Logistics Engineering
  • Law (Maritime Law)
  • Port, Fairway and Coast Engineering
  • Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Undergraduate Programs (English - 4 years)

  • Marine Navigation
  • Transport
  • International Trade & Economics
  • Law (Maritime Law)

Graduate Degree Programs

  • Marine Engineering (Chinese, 3 years)
  • Transport Planning and Management (Chinese/English, 3 years)
  • International Trade (Chinese/English, 2 years)
  • Harbor, Coastal and Offshore Engineering (Chinese, 3 years)

Doctoral Degree Programs (3 years)

  • Transport Information Engineering and Control (Chinese/English)
  • Marine Engineering (Chinese/English)
  • Transport Planning and Management (Chinese/English)
  • Transport Economics and Management (Chinese/English)
  • Shipping and Management Law  (Chinese)
  • Logistics Engineering and Management (Chinese/English)
  • Ocean Transportation Engineering Materials and Protection (Chinese/English)
  •  Maritime Language and Application (English)

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