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U.S. Coast Guard Exams for Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Endorsements - Offshore Installation Manager, Barge Supervisor, & Ballast Control Operator License Examinations

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Offshore installation manager (OIM) is a competent person, certified in accordance with these recommendations, who has been appointed in writing by the company to manage the offshore activities of the MOU. The duties involve - plan, manage and sometimes execute small projects that may include minor new construction, modifications, upgrades and repairs to a variety of offshore drilling rig configurations.

Barge Supervisor (BS) is a person who may provide support to the offshore installation manager (OIM) in certain essential marine matters. The barge supervisor on some MOUs may be referred to as the stability section leader, barge engineer or barge master.

Ballast Control Operator (BCO) is the person assigned responsibility for the normal day-to-day control of trim, draught and stability.

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A mariner seeking an original national endorsement or raise of grade based on training or service started on or after March 24, 2014, will be examined under the requirements of the final rule published by the Coast Guard on December 24, 2013, (78 FR 77796) . Those who started before March 24, 2014, will be examined under the regulations and policy in effect before that date unless they have specifically requested to examine for their endorsement under the final rule 78 FR 77796.

USCG Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) Examinations

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Table: USCG Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) Exam Details Credits: USCG 

  • Applicants for Surface Units On Location or Bottom Bearing Units On Location do not take Q100- Rules of the Road Inland and International
  • All Applicants take Q430 Deck General/Safety
  • Applicants take the OIM module Q430-Q435 depending on the endorsement requested
  • From any limited OIM endorsement to OIM Unrestricted by taking the following module - Q431 OIM Unrestricted
  • Mariners with an existing endorsement as Master of Unlimited Tonnage Oceans or Near Coastal, who meet the professional requirements, may add an endorsement for OIM, Barge Supervisor or Ballast Control Operator without testing.

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