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These programs are no longer available. Please visit our South Australia or Australia Section for similar programs


The purpose of the Cold Chain Centre (CCC) is to improve South Australia's and Australia's Cold Chain Perishable Logistics performance to strengthen the export competitiveness in target overseas markets. The CCC is the state's and nation's best practice solution provider for all cold chain logistics problems. Based on a wealth of existing expertise in Adelaide, it provides 'virtual' links to its customers and members around Australia and in overseas markets, offering a globally connected service. The Cold Chain Centre is the focal point for cold chain logistics excellence in Australia. It sets the benchmark for cold chain management nationally, and internationally.

The Food Export Logistics Training (FELT) courses have been developed to specifically address significant knowledge and skills gaps in the handling and transport of perishable products throughout the chain. The courses provide participants with the required knowledge for effective cold chain operation while developing practical application of skills in the workplace. Each participant undertaking a course will understand the importance of integrated cold chain logistics throughout the entire supply chain, while receiving targeted training for application in their industry sector.

Training Programs

FELT courses have been designed to meet national standards in a number of relevant National Training Packages and they will be delivered under license by registered training organizations (RTOs). To address the varied needs of industry participants, the CCC has developed two distinct Food Export Logistics Training (FELT) courses.

  • FELT Level 1: Targeted at operators, this program includes Packing, Cooling, Storage, Handling, Transport and Distribution.
  • FELT Level 2: Targeted at Supervisors/Managers, this program includes Product and Chain Management, Strategic decisions.

These programs are no longer available. Please visit our South Australia or Australia Section for similar programs


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