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fhbfi small

UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES BFI VIENNA (FH BFI VIENNA), AUSTRIA - Logistics and Transport Management Education at bfi Vienna..

wu small

VIENNA UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS (WU), AUSTRIA - Masters and Executive Programs in Supply Chain Management at WU, Vienna..

cmat small

CENTRE FOR MARITIME AND AIR TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT (C-MAT) AT ANTWERPEN, BELGIUM - Maritime Transport Management and Research Programs & Related Short Courses at Centre for Maritime and Air Transport Management (C-MAT)..

apec small

ANTWERP FLANDERS PORT TRAINING CENTER (APEC) AT ANTWERP, BELGIUM - Ports Technical, Management & Engineering Seminars & Courses in Belgium..

hzs small

ANTWERP MARITIME ACADEMY - MARITIME EDUCATION AND TRAINING - Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering Education & Maritime and Commercial Yatching Courses in Antwerp, Belgium..

bureau international maritime small

BUREAU INTERNATIONAL MARITIME (BIM) AT ANTWERP, BELGIUM - Maritime & Offshore Training Programs at Antwerp in Belgium; Paris, Pau, Toulon in France; and Abidjan, Caracas, Cape Town, Gabon in Luxembourg..

Maritime & Logistics (College Level)


ECOLE DE MANAGEMENT DE NORMANDIE (NORMANDY BUSINESS SCHOOL) AT LE HAVRE, FRANCE - International Logistics, Port Management and Supply Chain Management Education at EM Normandie,  Le Havre, France..

kedge small

KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL - BORDEAUX & MARSEILLE, FRANCE - International Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and Purchasing Education at KEDGE Business School Bordeaux and Marseille Campuses, France..

Merchant Marine & Maritime (College Level)

ensta paristech small

ENSTA PARISTECH - ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEURE DE TECHNIQUES AVANCÉES AT PARIS, FRANCE - Offshore, Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering & Energy Education in France..

ensm small

THE NATIONAL MARITIME COLLEGE OF FRANCE ENSM - ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEURE MARITIME, FRANCE - Merchant Marine, Offshore & Marine Engineering, Marine Surveying and Maritime Training at French Maritime Academy..

ensta bretagne small

ENSTA BRETAGNE (ÉCOLE NATIONALE SUPÉRIEURE DE TECHNIQUES AVANCÉES BRETAGNE) - BREST, FRANCE - Masters and Advanced Masters Programs in Naval Architecture, Maritime & Offshore Engineering, Navigation Electronics and Marine Energy in Bresta, France..

centrale nantes small

ECOLE CENTRALE DE NANTES (CENTRALE NANTES) AT NANTES, FRANCE - Masters Programs in Hydrodynamics for Ocean Engineering, Ship Operation & Naval Engineering, and Erasmus Mundus Advanced Ship Design Programs in Nantes, France..

Maritime (Professional Training)

seaowl small

SEAOWL TRAINING SERVICES, PARIS, FRANCE & WORLDWIDE - Maritime Training & Petroleum Competence training for the Marine and Oil Gas Industry..

port revel shiphandling small

PORT REVEL TRAINING CENTER, ST PIERRE DE BRESSIEUX, FRANCE - Tanker, LNG and Cruise Ship Manned Model Ship Handling Courses for Professional Mariners in St Pierre de Bressieux, France..

Yacht & Maritime ((Professional Training)

bluewater small

BLUEWATER YACHTING, ANTIBES (FRANCE), PALMA (SPAIN) AND FORT LAUDERDALE (USA) - MCA, RYA and USCG Maritime Training Programs in Antibes (France), Palma (Spain) and Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA)..

hma small

HARRISON MARITIME ASSOCIATES, CANNES, FRANCE - Super Yacht Training approved by Maritime Administrations Worldwide in Cannes, France..

seascope maritime small

SEASCOPE MARITIME TRAINING, ANTIBES, FRANCE - MCA, STCW & RYA Yacht, Cruise Liner or Ferry Maritime Training in Liverpool, Antibes and Barcelona..

Logistics & Supply Chain (College Level)



iubh small

INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES BAD HONNEF | INTERNATIONALE HOCHSCHULE | AT BAD HONNEF, BONN GERMANY - Business & Management, Transport & Logistics Management and Other Programs in Germany & Post Study Work Option..

jacobs university small

JACOBS UNIVERSITY AT BREMEN, GERMANY - Supply Chain Engineering & Management Education in German..

jade university small

JADE UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES - JADE HOCHSCHULE - AT ELSFLETH GERMANY - Nautical Science, Maritime Economics & Logistics and, Maritime Management Programs in Germany..

kempten university small

KEMPTEN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES - HOCHSCHULE KEMPTEN - AT KEMPTEN, GERMANY - International Logistics and Supply Chain Management Education in Germany..


KÜHNE LOGISTICS UNIVERSITY (KLU) AT HAFENCITY, HAMBURG, GERMANY - Logistics and Supply Chain Management Education and Research in Germany..

tum munich small

TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY MUNICH (TUM) AT MUNICH, GERMANY & SINGAPORE - Transportation Systems and Transport & Logistics Education in Munich & Singapore..

Maritime & Nautical (College Level)

bremen university small

BREMEN UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES HSB AT BREMEN, GERMANY - Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Nautical Studies and Shipping Management & Chartering Programs at Breman, Germany..

wismar university small

WISMAR UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES - HOCHSCHULE WISMAR AT MECKLENBURG-VORPOMMERN, GERMANY - Degree Programs in Nautical Science, Transportation, Logistics, Marine Electrical Engineering and Pland Technology in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, German..

hochschule emden leer small

UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES AT EMDEN/LEER, GERMANY - Maritime Operations Joint Degree Program in English at Leer Germany & Bergen Norway..

tuhh small

HAMBURG UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (THH) AT HARBURG, GERMANY - Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, Ship & Offshore Technology, and Logistics & Transport Degree Programs in Hamburg, Germany..

hsba small

HSBA HAMBURG SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION AT HAMBURG, GERMANY - Maritime & Logistics Management, and Shipping Degree Programs & Maritime Logistics Executive Education at HSBA Hamburg, Germany..

bremerhaven uni small

UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES BREMERHAVEN, BREMERHAVEN, GERMANY - Ship Operations Engineering, Transport and Logistics Engineering Programs in Bremerhaven, Germany..

Maritime Training (Professional Level)

nsb small

NSB ACADEMY | NAUTICAL TECHNICAL SIMULATION CENTER AT BUXTEHUDE, GERMANY - Ship Handling, Crisis Management & Bridge Resource Management Training & Other Programs in Buxtehude, Germany..

mtc small hamburg

MARINE TRAINING CENTER (MTC) HAMBURG, GERMANY - Simulator Courses in Shiphandling, Radar / ECDIS, Engine, GMDSS, and Liquid Cargo; & Human Element, LNG fuelled Ships, ma-co, Classroom and Other Courses at MTC Hamburg..

dnv gl small

DNV GL MARITIME ACADEMY, HQ AT HAMBURG, GERMANY - Executive Maritime Management Program, Developing People, Operating Ships, and Building Ships Courses in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa..

Logistics & Spply Chain

dit small

DUBLIN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY (DIT) AT DUBLIN, IRELAND - Logistics & Supply Chain Management; and Transport Operations & Technology Education in Dublin, Ireland..

nitl small


iipmm home

IRISH INSTITUTE OF PURCHASING AND MATERIALS MANAGEMENT (IIPMM), DUBLIN, IRELAND - Purchasing, Warehousing & Supply Chain Management Education in Dublin & Cork..

Maritime & Seamanship

nmci small

NATIONAL MARITIME COLLEGE OF IRELAND (NMCI) AT CORK, IRELAND - Nautical Science, Marine Engineering & Electrotechnology, Supply Chain ad INS Training & Education in Cork, Ireland..

seaman centre small

THE SEAMANSHIP CENTRE, KILLYBEGS, IRELAND - MCA, MSO, RYA and ISA Approved Marine Training Programs in Killybegs Ireland..

seamanship centre small

SEA AND SHORE SAFETY SERVICES AT DUBLIN, IRELAND - Maritime, Medical, Fire Fighting and Other Training Programs in Dublin, Ireland..

cmse training small

CMSE TRAINING, CORK, IRELAND - STCW and Maritime Training Programs in Ireland - Established in 1996 and located at Ringaskiddy Port, Cork, Ireland, and CMSE Training is part of the Chris Mee Group..

Maritime & Shipping

erasmus university small

ERASMUS UNIVERSITY ROTTERDAM (EUR), NETHERLANDS - Maritime Economics & Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Port & Transport Economics, and Maritime Law Education..

tu delft small

DELFT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (TU DELFT) AT DELFT, NETHERLANDS - Marine Technology, Offshore, Engineering, Transportation, and Logistics Programs at TU Delft..

miwb small

MARITIME INSTITUTE WILLEM BARENTSZ (MIWB) AT TERSCHELLING, NETHERLANDS - Maritime Officer (Marof) and Hydrography Degree Programs and Maritime Training at the Island of Terschelling..

rotterdam uni small

ROTTERDAM UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES (HOGESCHOOL ROTTERDAM), NETHERLANDS - Logistics Management Programs at Rotterdam Business School & Maritime Officer, Maritime Technology & Logistics Engineering Programs at Rotterdam Mainport Institute..

hz university small

HZ UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES, VLISSINGEN, NETHERLANDS - Logistics Engineering and Maritime Officer programs at HZ Vlissingen Campus in Netherlands..

stc nmu small

SHIPPING AND TRANSPORT COLLEGE | NETHERLANDS MARITIME UNIVERSITY (STC-NMU) | ROTTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - Shipping & Transport Degree and Ececutive Education Programs at STC-NMU Rotterdam Campus..

nova college maritime small

NOVA COLLEGE - MARITIME ACADEMY HOLLAND AT HOOFDDORP AND AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS - Maritime Programs at Maritime Academy Holland, and Logistics Training at Hoofddorp Campus of Nova College, Netherlands..

dhtc small

DEN HELDER TRAINING CENTRE (DHTC) AT DEN HELDER, NETHERLANDS - Offshore, Maritime STCW & Offshore Wind Training in Den Helder..

csmart small

ARISON MARITIME CENTER - CENTER FOR SIMULATOR MARITIME TRAINING (CSMART) - International Maritime Training Accredited by Regulatory Bodies..

marin small

MARITIME RESEARCH INSTITUTE NETHERLANDS (MARIN) - NAUTICAL CENTRE MSCN AND MARIN ACADEMY - VTS, Ship handling and BRM training at Nautical centre MSCN & Internships, Research Jobs and Sabbaticals at MARIN Academy..

mtc small

MTC ACADEMY ONLINE - Free E-Learning Courses in BOSIET, FOET and HUET for Offshore Professionals..

Logistics & Supply Chain

tilburg university small

TILBURG UNIVERSITY AT TILBURG, NETHERLANDS - Supply Chain Management & Operations Education..

fontys university small

FONTYS UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES AT VENLO, NETHERLANDS - Logistics, Supply Chain Management & Procurement Education in Venlo..


MAASTRICHT UNIVERSITY | UNIVERSITEIT MAASTRICHT (UM) | AT MAASTRICHT, NETHERLANDS - Supply Chain Management Education in Venlo and Maastricht Campuses..

nhtv breda small

BREDA UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCES (NHTV BREDA), NETHERLANDS - International Logistics Programs in Breda, Holland..

Online Courses

Maritime & Logistics

knowme small

THE EUROPEAN ACADEMIC AND INDUSTRY NETWORK FOR INNOVATIVE MARITIME TRAINING, EDUCATION AND R&D (KNOWME), EU - Free Online Maritime and Logistics Courses from Leading Institutions in European Union - Funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Program, The KNOWME project focuses on the importance of the human factor within the shipping industry. These e-courses will enable you to develop and manage your career. As continuing education can be an important element for career satisfaction.