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GWO Certified Blade Repair Training (BR) Program for Personnel Who Will be Working in the Wind Industry or Related Fields

gwo blade repair

The GWO Blade Repair (BR) Training Program for Personnel Who Will be Working in the Wind Industry or Related Fields This standard has been developed in response to the demand for recognizable blade repair training in the industry. It has been prepared in cooperation with the members of GWO based on specific risk assessments, and data from incident and accident statistics pertaining to the installation, service and maintenance of blades on wind turbine generators and wind power plants.

Upon successful completion of the GWO blade repair training course, the participant will be able to perform and document a wind turbine blade inspection, execute repair work in accordance with a work instruction while maintaining the aerodynamic profile and structural integrity in glass fibre reinforced composite parts of a wind turbine within the following dimensions: Trailing edge repairs up to 1.5 m in length; Leading edge repairs up to 1.5 m in length; Laminate repairs down to core material; Core material replacement up to 200 sq cm; and Surface repair to paint and gelcoat

Target group is personnel who will be working in the wind industry specifically in relation to composite inspection and repair work & personnel that perform job functions that have been risk assessed by their employer or their workplace duty holder as a function, where composite work training according to this standard may mitigate some of the identified hazards and risks.

  • Duration: 70 hours
  • Validity: None
  • Prerequisites: All personnel participating in the blade repair training module shall be medically fit and capable of fully participating.

 gwo br

GWO Blade Repair Training (BR) Training

GWO Blade Repair Module

General Safety

  • Introduction
  • Safety Data Sheet
  • Work instruction
  • Risk assessment
  • Secure an area
  • Contamination
  • Waste Segregation
  • Ergonomic
  • Lock Out Tag Out

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Masks and filters

General Knowledge

  • Chemical safety
  • Composites and blade construction
  • Materials
  • Tools and equipment
  • Phase test


  • Lamination skills
  • Basic lamination
  • Sandwich panel
  • Painting
  • Blade inspection
  • Lightning protection system inspection
  • Sanding skills
  • Grinding skills
  • Surface repairs
  • Laminate repairs
  • Filling and shaping
  • Trailing edge repairs
  • Leading edge repairs
  • Sandwich panel repairs
  • Bond line repairs
  • Summary and final test
  • Training review

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with GWO for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: May 29, 2021