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GWO Certified Enhanced First Aid Training (EFA) Program for Personnel Who Will be Working in the Wind Industry or Related Fields

gwo efa refresher efar

The GWO Enhanced First Aid Refresher (EFAR) Training describes the requirements for Enhanced First Aid Refresher training that are recommended by the members of GWO. The members of the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) recognize trained persons as competent within EFA in the wind industry. GWO accepts the trained person as possessing the required knowledge, skills and attitude to provide ongoing care to an ill or injured casualty over a short period of time while waiting for professional emergency rescue teams to arrive.

The EFAR Training shall enable Course Participants (Delegates) to support and care for others working in the industry by possessing the knowledge, skills and attitude of Enhanced First Aid. Upon completion of the GWO EFA Course Participants (Delegates) will be able to administer safe, effective and immediate lifesaving and enhanced first aid measures to save life and give assistance in remote areas using advanced emergency equipment and medical teleconsultation.

The aim of this EFAR Module is to review and build on previously gained knowledge and skills from BST First Aid or to refresh current EFA skills through theoretical and practical training so that Course Participants (Delegates) can administer safe and effective Enhanced First Aid in the wind industry.

 gwo efar

GWO Enhanced First Aid Refresher (EFAR)

GWO Enhanced First Aid Refresher Modules


  • Safety instructions and emergency procedures
  • Facilities
  • Introduction
  • Scope and main objectives
  • On-going assessments (Delegate Assessment Form)
  • Motivation


  • Risks and hazards
  • First Aid guidelines and emergency plans
  • National legislation
  • Global legislation


  • The human body’s life conditions, structure, function and signs
  • Understanding of personal hygiene

Management of an Incident

  • Safety awareness in an emergency situation
  • Management of an incident
  • Emergency Rescue Teams,
  • Emergency Calls and Medical Teleconsultation

Lifesaving and Enhanced First Aid

  • "C" – A – B – C – D – E – Principle
  • Primary Survey
  •  “C”: Catastrophic bleeding
  • A: Airway
  • B: Breathing
  • C: Circulation
  • D: Disability
  • E: Environment/Exposure
  • Secondary Survey
  • Psychological First Aid

Pain Management and Further Possible Medication

Application algorithm

Further Possible Medication


Choose one of the following 5 themes for Instruction:

  • Theme 1: Psychological effects of First Aid
  • Theme 2: Sudden sickness and environmental factors
  • Theme 3: Types of trauma
  • Theme 4: Incident management and situational awareness
  • Theme 5: Complex incidents with several (2-5) casualties

Scenario-Based Training

  • Practice First Aid techniques


  • Summary
  • Evaluation
  • Training records

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only - please check with GWO for the latest and accurate information on Training Standards

Last Updated: May 29, 2021