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Supply Chain Management Education at the College of Business and Communications

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At Brigham Young University-Idaho, you will find a legacy of dedicated service and faithful perseverance that began more than 100 years ago on the newly settled plains of the Upper Snake River Valley. In keeping with the belief in education held by the area's Latter-day Saint pioneers, the Bannock Stake Academy opened in a meager log church building in 1888.

This historic institution is embarked on a journey of growth and progress that began with the divinely inspired decision to transform Ricks College into a four-year university. Since then, BYU-Idaho has broken new ground in higher education with unique academic offerings, creative calendaring, and programs focused on the development of students. BYU-Idaho is truly rethinking education and the young people are always at the center of those efforts.

As a two-tiered institution, BYU-Idaho offers a variety of associate and bachelor's degrees, giving students the opportunity to choose the direction of their education. Associate degrees offer students specialization in a major field of study along with a carefully selected curriculum of general education. Specialized bachelor's degrees focus on a specific discipline, while integrated bachelor's degrees allow students to incorporate other related fields of study into their chosen major.

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • BS Business Management with Supply Chain Management and Operations Concentration: The mission of the Business Management Department is to create a learning environment for students to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to make an immediate contribution in the workplace and to rapidly grow into leadership positions in their organizations. This is done by partnering with industry and nonprofi t organizations to provide mentoring, seminars, consulting projects, and internships to allow the students to apply what they have learned via case study and classroom discussion. Graduating students will emerge with an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, technological and global literacy, and key ommunication and problem-solving skills.

BYUI Features

BYU-Idaho operates on an expanded year-round basis to allow more students the opportunity to attend. This creative academic calendar revolves around a three-track system: Spring/Fall, Fall/Winter, and Winter/Spring. Qualifi ed students are admitted to one of the three tracks, and they stay on the same track through graduation. Yearround options are available as students enter their upper coursework.

  • Accreditation: BYU–Idaho has been accredited at the two-year level since 1936. In July 2004, BYU–Idaho received accreditation to offer degrees at the four-year level by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.
  • Internships: BYU-Idaho is one of the largest internship-producing universities in the nation. An academic internship is a cooperative program between the students, the university, and approved experience providers (employers). Internships enable students to obtain practical and valuable work experience, to apply skills and knowledge learned in school, and to gain exposure to various job opportunities. In most cases, an internship is a required element for both associate and bachelor degree seeking students.
  • Student Activities Program: BYU-Idaho’s Student Activities Program meets the needs and interests of a broad and diverse student body. An array of year-round activities is offered in the areas of Outdoor, Social, Service, Talent, Fitness, and Sports. Each area is structured to give students numerous opportunities for active involvement at various levels of interest and commitment. The innovative programs help students develop character and enhance leadership skills. Within Activities, students are participants, not just spectators.
  • On-Campus Housing: The Brigham Young University-Idaho on-campus apartments and residence halls are located on the campus. Utilities and Internet are provided with these facilities. Parking is available for a nominal fee for a permit.
  • Heber J. Grant Program: The Heber J. Grant Program is a program that assists students at BYU-Idaho who have overcome diffi cult circumstances in preparing themselves for higher education. The program offers additional consideration for university fi nancial aid, a mentoring program, and a life skills course to qualifying students.

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