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Package of Boatbuilding Program with Boat Plans, Boat Design CAD Software and Guides for Professional and Amateur Boat Builders

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Boat building is the art, craft, design and construction of boats and their systems including a hull, propulsion, mechanical, navigation, safety and other systems. MyBoatPlans is high quality boat plans and boatbuilding course with easy-to-follow instructions that guide you through the entire boat building process, then you've come to the right place. This is a 518 illustrated, step-by-step boat plans by Martin Reid, master boat builder & educator with 31 Years of Experience.

Countless professional and amateur boat builders are now using MyBoatPlans and the benefits are just too many. Since it has been published, MyBoatPlans has become the definitive guide for both beginning and veteran woodworkers.

MyBoatPlans is a comprehensive package that contains all the plans, measurements, and directions needed to build beautiful boats for oar, sail, or motor. All of the boat plans are very detailed and easy-to-understand so even someone with zero experience can start building a boat today

boat plans

Highlights of the Program

  • Over 518 detailed boat plans, schematics, cutting patterns, material lists for ALL types of boats.
  • Simple to navigate and search option that provides for quick cross referencing between plans
  • Fully illustrated 3D color photos and diagrams to help aid building and provide visual explanations
  • Includes over 40+ videos on "how-tos" and boat building construction tips!
  • 3D Boat Design Software - CAD Design Software For Boats
  • Complete Boat Builder's Guide - Over 600 Pages Of Illustrations
  • Boat Building Secrets - Secrets From The Professional Builders
  • Boat Safety Regulations Guide
  • Members Q&A Forum - Get your questions answered by the experts and professionals!
  • Instant Download + DVDs - Get instant download access with DVDs shipped to your door.
  • Free Updates For Life - Download new plans every month for free.
  • Mac & PC Users - Compatible with all versions of Windows & Mac

Some of the Boats You'll be Able to Build

  • Cabin Cruisers
  • Canoes
  • Dinghys
  • Dorys
  • Duck boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Houseboats
  • Hydros
  • Jon boats
  • Kayaks
  • Paddle Boats
  • Paddle wheel
  • Row boats
  • Runabouts Inboard
  • Runabouts Outboard
  • Sail boats
  • Ski boats
  • Skiffs
  • Sloops
  • Small Boats
  • Submarines
  • Surf boards
  • Utility boats
  • Wooden boats
  • Yachts

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2020