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OUPV / Six Pack, Master 25/50/100 Ton, Upgrade to 25/50/100 Ton, Auxiliary Sail / Assistant Towing Endorsements & Deck Renewal  - Online Training, Study Guides and Materials

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Mariners Learning System™ (MLS) provides United States Coast Guard Approved Captain's License Programs to help you earn your captain's license at home or on the go  with flexible and convenient training with over a 98% pass rate.

The OUPV / USCG Six-Pack Captain’s License is required for those wishing to offer fishing and sailing charters, drive a dive boat, or run sightseeing tours, etc. This license is commonly referred to as a Six-pack since it allows the holder to take up to six paying passengers and crew on vessels up to 100 gross tons (about 75-90 feet long).

The 25/50/100 Ton Master Captain's License  is given in increments up to 100 tons depending on your boating experience, and can be issued as a 25, 50, or 100 ton license. The USCG does not require that you get a Six-Pack License before you get your Masters, so if you qualify, you can skip the Six-Pack and go straight to your Masters.

Upon successful completion of the MLS course, the student studies the materials and takes a proctored exam at one of MLS Coast Guard approved testing sites. Once the student passes MLS multiple choice exam, he or she will receive a Mariners Learning System certificate recognized by the United States Coast Guard.

The certificate holder can submit the original certificate within one year,  along with your application package and applicable fees to the USCG Regional Exam Center. Upon their approval of your package, they will send you your original License.

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MLS Online Training

OUPV/Six-pack Captain’s License 

  • Training: By providing a methodical, well-organized program of professionally produced - on-demand lectures online, videos, and companion materials, the students are able to absorb and retain what they have learned.
  • Subjects: Navigational Rules of the Road, Aids to Navigation & Chart Plotting, Electronic Navigation, Characteristics of Weather Systems, and Lifesaving Equipment & Safety.
  • License Requirements: Be at least 19 years old (US citizenship is required); have a minimum of 360 underway boating experience since the age of 16 - ninety of those days being done in the last three years; pass a physical (including eye and hearing) and drug test within 1 year; pass a DOT drug test within 6 months; hold a valid CPR / First Aid card completed within 1 year of your license application; obtain a TWIC card (Transportation Workers Identification Credential); and successful completion of the MLS Course.

25/50 or 100 Ton Master Captain’s License

  • Training: MLS has developed an intuitive learning approach that's direct, clear, and effective. Methodical, well-organized program of professionally produced, on-demand lectures, videos, and companion materials.
  • Subjects: Navigational Rules of the Road, Aids to Navigation, Electronic Navigation, Characteristics of Weather Systems, Lifesaving Equipment & Safety, Basic Seamanship Skills, Tides and Currents, Marine Radio Operation, Pollution Prevention, Vessel Handling Skills, and Emergency Procedures.
  • Requirements: 19 years old with US citizenship; Minimum of 360 underway boating experience since the age of 15 - ninety of those days being done in the last three years; Pass a physical, drug test and eye exam; Hold a valid CPR/First Aid card issued within 6 months of your license application; Obtain a TWIC card; and successful completion of the MLS course.

OUPV Upgrade to 25/50 or 100 Ton Master Captain’s License

  • The OUPV Upgrade to Master Captain's License course provides an opportunity for the holder of an OUPV/Six-Pack Captain's License to raise their grade to a Master-level license.

Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement

  • The Sailing Endorsement is required if you want to operate an Inspected Sailing Vessel. This endorsement allows the licensed Master to carry 7 or more passengers while under sail on an inspected vessel.
  • To add this Endorsement onto a Master Inland or Mate Near Coastal license you must document at least 180 days on a sail or auxiliary sailing vessel.
  • A Sailing Endorsement may be added onto a Master Near Coastal license by documenting at least 360 days on a sail or auxiliary sailing vessel.

Assistance Towing Endorsement

  • The Towing Endorsement is required if you will be engaged in towing a disabled vessel for payment.
  • Any USCG license of 200 gross tons or less, including an OUPV/Six-pack License, may be endorsed for assistance towing.
  • This endorsement is not a Towing license for the operation of a tugboat.

Deck License Renewal

  • This course is for the licensed mariner who does not have the required 360 days of sea service in the last 5 years to renew their license.
  •  The course covers Deck License Renewal for the OUPV and Master of not more than 100-Ton for operation in the Great Lakes, Inland and Near Coastal areas. 

Other Bundles, Packs and Offers

  • Study guides can be separately obytained
  • There are options to bundle courses for cost effective learning
  • Bonus pack provides additional support and materials such as training charts, nautical parallel rulers, dividers, pencils, sharpeners etc
  • One year's access to the award-winning interactive software online
  • MLS hard copy study guides
  • 24/7 access to online instructors
  • Toll free telephone support with instructors

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Last Updated: Jan 26, 2020