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Navigation Rules Clinic, Basic Sail Trim Class & SLC Examination Course Online for Beginners and Experienced Sailors with Free Logbook & a Sailing Resume

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NauticEd International Sailing Education is recognized by the US coast guard as a sailing education body delivering practical On-The-Water training as well as theory coursework all meeting the American National Standards EDU-3.

NautiEd is also approved by the RYA to meet the Day Skipper requirements for theory knowledge and testing.

All Mediterranean port authorities and global yacht charter companies recognize and accept the NauticEd sailing license - the SLC - as valid for skippering a yacht on a bareboat charter.

NauticEd is the most modern global sailing education program in the world. Even the on-the-water instructors have a technologically advanced Rubrics Assessment App to ensure student practical and theory competency.

NauticEd sailing resume (boating resume / sailing logbook) summarizes, in a very concise format, all of your accomplishments including total sailing experience, certifications, and licenses you have taken. NauticEd focuses on the student building their sailing resume. At milestones along the way, the software issues a sailing certificate that is representative of the real ability of the student.

Already have a certification from another company? No worries! Come on over - once you try NauticEd, you'll see why nothing else will do!

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A sailing resume summarizes, in a very concise format, all of your accomplishments including total sailing experience, certifications, and licenses

Free 2 Sailing Courses Online

Navigation Rules Clinic (Rules on the Water)

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  • Avoiding accidents on the water becomes more important as more folks take to the water each year.
  •  It is your responsibility to stay alert for other boats, swimmers, dive boats, kayaks, hazards and obstacles.
  • The Navigation Rules for vessels establish actions for boaters to take to avoid a collision.
  • This Sailing Course takes approximately 30 minutes of total time to complete and adds the Rules of the Nautical Road Endorsement to your globally recognized NauticEd Sailing Certificate.

Basic Sail Trim Course (How The Sails Work)

  • This 45 minute free sailing course complete with impactful eLearning animations will teach you the basics about how to get the boat moving and make the sails fly efficiently.
  • Whether you're learning to sail, or you're an advanced sailor, take this free mini course now - it will take you about 30 minutes to get through the material. Even some seasoned sailors have said they picked up a few pointers.
  • Simulation through animation technology - the basic concepts of sail trim are explained using multimedia interactive animation technology, meaning you'll have various trim controls at your mouse tip and you'll be watching wind effects right in front of your eyes on your computer screen.

SLC Examination Course

  • The SLC examination is a comprehensive test of your sailing knowledge skills.  It is a required exam for gaining your SLC Mediterranean sailing license.
  • If you are planning on skippering a sailboat on any sailing vacation you should be able to breeze through this test.
  • The test will take approximately 3 hours of time. There is no time limit and no cost.

Sailing Logbook and Resume Tool

  • Imagine the GPS track of your real sailing adventures all automatically uploaded into a free electronic logbook and stored in the cloud for you.
  • Also, at anytime, with the click of a button, the software automatically generates a formatted yacht charter sailing resume for you.
  • Personalize it all with your own favorite vessels and CrewMates™

NauticEd free online sailing courses without any obligations.

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