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Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) - Dealership Certification & Training

Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program, Brunswick Dealer Certification & Interactive Virtual Training by MRAA

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Headquartered at Minneapolis MN, the Marine Retailers Association of the Americas (MRAA) is an association dedicated to furthering the interests of boat and engine dealers and other marine-related retailers throughout North America through its MRAA Rewards Program, the MRAA offers a host of cost-saving, revenue-generating, business-improvement, and professional-development benefits, in addition to its valuable legislative work in Washington, D.C., and across North America.

The MRAA has been looking out for the best interests of marine retailers and the boating public since 1972. The association is comprised of boat dealers, marine parts and accessories vendors, marina operators, boatyards, marine service providers, and all those whose livelihood is affected by the marine industry.

MRAA Dealer Certification helps dealers like you adopt sustainable principles that lead to an outstanding retail experience for the customers and a thriving marine business for the members.

mraa certification training

Certification & Training Programs

Dealer Certification Programs

  • Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program (MICD): New data indicates dealerships completing the Marine Industry Certified Dealership Program continue to receive higher CSI scores than their non-Certified counterparts. Certified Dealerships on average have higher CSI scores than non-Certified dealers, report higher demand on most new boat types, report stronger retail trends for new and pre-owned boats, indicate more access to credit for both retail/consumer and wholesale/dealer, generate more revenue than non-Certified dealers, and more.
  • MICD Five Star Certification: The MICD Five Star allows dealerships to move straight to a Five Star Certified Dealership through one process and 15 standards. MICD Five Star targets high-level business practices proven to generate superior performance, operational excellence and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction.
  • Brunswick Dealer Certification: The Brunswick Dealer Certification program provides Brunswick boat dealers with a proven pathway to new growth and profitability by delivering a superior customer experience through operational excellence. The Brunswick Dealer Certification program consists of three levels, Brunswick Five Star, Brunswick Master and Brunswick Platinum Master.
  • Brunswick Five Star Dealer Certification: To become a Brunswick Five Star Dealer, your business will need to satisfy many important operational requirements.  These requirements are broken into 11 segments that address your entire business including Dealership Planning, CSI Scores, Lead Management, Sales, Service and Marketing.

Past MRAA Virtual Training Programs

  • Build a Service Dream Team (3 hour workshop)
  • Turn Upset Customers into Loyal Ones (1 hour)
  • Planning for Peak Performance (1 hour)
  • ESI Fuels CSI (1 hour)
  • Increase Your SEO Through Social (1 hour)
  • Sales Strategies for the Hyper-Informed Customer (1 hour)
  • Shep Hyken: The Customer Focus
  • The Jeffrey Gitomer Library