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Online Sailing Certification and Endorsement Programs Worldwide by NauticEd International Sailing School

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NauticEd is an eLearning and sailing resume company. NauticEd helps beginner to advanced sailors get educated and build their sailing resume through highly interactive multimedia courses, a cloud based electronic logbook and access to over 500 sailing schools worldwide. NauticEd is an approved RYA (Royal Yachting Association) Training Center delivering the RYA DAY Skipper Course.

The sailing resume algorithm matches the students passed coursework, practical logged time and practical verification by sailing instructors. NauticEd provides access to gaining the highly regarded International Certificate of Competence required for sailors in European Waters.

Yacht Charter Companies worldwide accept and acknowledge the NauticEd Sailing Certification.

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Training Programs

NauticEd Free Online Sailing Courses

  • Navigation Rules Clinic (40 Minutes): This FREE online sailing lesson is a great refresher course for EVERYONE. Take this FREE course now and check out how simple and easy it is to take a NauticEd online sailing course.
  • Basic Sail Trim Course (30 minutes): Whether you're learning to sail, or you're an advanced sailor, take this FREE mini sailing course now - it will take you about 30 minutes to get through the material. The basic concepts of sail trim are explained using multimedia interactive html5 animation technology, meaning you'll have various trim controls at your mouse tip and you'll be watching wind effects right in front of your eyes on your computer screen.
  • Get two FREE sailing courses and a FREE sailor’s logbook when you create a new student account now - for FREE!

Online Courses - NauticEd & RYA

  • RYA Day Skipper Course: If you want to sail in European waters and want your International License, you need the ICC - International Certificate of Competence. This is the theory course and test for the RYA Day Skipper Course which makes you eligible for the ICC. NauticEd is an approved RYA distance Learning Center.
  • International Certificate of Competence (ICC): NauticEd is an RYA approved center and completing the NauticEd RYA Day Skipper theory Course online along with on-water practical training from over 500 training centers in USA, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and worldwide, you are eligible for International Certificate of Competence (ICC) which is the only sailing license approved by United Nations as a legitimate recreational sailing license

Online Courses - NauticEd Sailing Courses

  • Anchoring A Sailboat Clinic (4 hours): Whether you are sailing your own vessel in coastal waters or chartering in the Caribbean or beyond, knowing how to safely and effectively anchor is one of the most essential and liberating skills you can have.
  • Bareboat Charter Clinic (5 hours): Taking a sailing vacation? All hands on deck - this is the Bareboat Charter course for you and ALL of your crew. Make your charter sailing trip more enjoyable by getting ALL the bareboat charter tips you'll need.
  • Catamaran Sailing Confidence Clinic (3 hours): Learn the essential differences between sailing a monohull and a catamaran. This lesson will give you the confidence. It includes an interactive experiential online game to practice maneuvering in a marina.
  • Coastal Navigation Clinic (10 hours): Learn to navigate your sailboat. If you plan on sailing off shore or are taking a sailing vacation, you need this course.
  • Maneuvering Under Power Clinic (3 hours): An absolutely essential maneuvering and docking course that will save you thousands in dents, bumps and scratches at the marina.
  • Qualified Crew Member Course (7 hours): Learn to sail and contribute as a crew member on a keelboat from 25 ft to 55 ft (7.5m to 17m). Learn the lines, knots, sailing terminology, sail trim, helming, and rules of the road plus much more.
  • Sail Trim Clinic (4 hours): Learn the true art and finesse of trimming the sails. This course will teach when to adjust the fairleads, the traveler, the downhaul, the outhaul, the Cunningham, the boom vang.
  • Skipper Course (20 hours): A comprehensive sailing lesson for beginner to intermediate sailors
  • Get two FREE sailing courses and a FREE sailor’s logbook when you create a new student account now - for FREE!

Nationally Recognized On-The-Water Sailing Endorsement

  • Skipper Small Keelboat Course (10-15 hours): Successfully master the art of sailing 18 to 25 ft keelboat. This 10-15 hour interactive course covers everything from the outboard engine and maneuvering skills to sail trim and understanding how to be a true leader on a small keelboat.
  • This course, when combined with practical on-the-water training and assessment at any of the qualified NauticEd schools, is officially approved as meeting the On-Water Recreational Boating Skills Standard - SAIL developed by the United States Coast Guard. It is the only course in the world approved to this high standard.
  • Get two FREE sailing courses and a FREE sailor’s logbook when you create a new student account now - for FREE!

Online Courses - Misc. Courses by NauticEd

  • British Virgin Islands Chart Briefing Course: Preparing for your Charter in the British Virgin Islands is an exciting time, yet what should you be doing? Contained within this BVI Chart Briefing is all the information that the charter company will give you in their briefing.
  • Electronic Navigation Course (5 hours): Get the simple inside scoop on how to make the best and proper use of these and understand the vast amount of useful information they present. This is the world's most up to date electronic navigation course.
  • SLC Examination Course: The SLC examination is a comprehensive test of your sailing knowledge skills.  If you are planning on skippering a sailboat on a sailing vacation you should be able to breeze through this test. If you have trouble, it is an indication that you are not properly prepared. The test will take approximately 3 hours of time.
  • Storm Tactics Clinic (4 hours): This storm tactics course will teach the essentials to keep you and your crew alive.
  • Weather Clinic (7 hours): If you're a real sailor then you need to understand and read the weather. It's as simple as that! Written by the professionals at Clear Point Weather, this is the best weather course available.
  • Safety At Sea Clinic (14 hours): This is a required sailing lesson to gain the NauticEd Captain Rank along with a minimum of 50 days of logged sailing experience.
  • Introductory Celestial Navigation Clinic (5 hours): If you're in any way intrigued with Celestial Navigation, this is the best and simplest celestial navigation course available.
  • Get two FREE sailing courses and a FREE sailor’s logbook when you create a new student account now - for FREE!

Sailing Course Bundles

Following courses are available as a bundle so that you can save with discounts.

  • Skipper Rank: 2 Courses - Skipper & Maneuvering Under Power
  • Bareboat Charter Master Rank: 6 Courses - Skipper, Maneuvering Under Power, Bareboat Charter, Coastal Navigation, Anchoring a Sailboat
  • NauticEd Captain Rank: 10 Courses - Skipper, Maneuvering Under Power. Bareboat Charter, Coastal Navigation, Sail Trim, Storm Tactics, Weather, Safety at Sea, Anchoring a Sailboat, Electronic Navigation
  • Get two FREE sailing courses and a FREE sailor’s logbook when you create a new student account now - for FREE!

Take online theory sailing courses with NauticEd, with two free sailing courses and sailing resume, and then use the skilled in-house sailing instructors to gain practical sailing experience and confidence. Once you pass the courses and practical training (Check NauticEd Affiliated Practical Training Schools around the world), you'll be awarded with a NauticEd Sailing Certification with Verified Practical Competency.


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