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Supply Chain Management Education at the College of Business Administration

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Founded by the Vincentian Community in 1856, Niagara University is a private liberal arts university with a strong, values-based Catholic tradition. Its four academic divisions include the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Education, and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

The various colleges offer courses and directed experiences which equip students for a wide variety of professions and other careers. A broadly based, integrated program of liberal arts and sciences courses, supported by an array of extracurricular activities chosen for the wide variety of their appeal, is designed to supply holistic education.

The College of Business Administration offers five bachelor’s degrees, one associate degree and an MBA program which complements the undergraduate degrees. These courses are intended to provide the knowledge, values and skills necessary for a student to achieve a successful career in today’s complex and challenging business environment. Leadership, relevance, ethics and community involvement are themes which flow through the curriculum.

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Program

  • BS in Management with Supply Chain Concentration: The Bachelors of Science in Management is designed to be a balanced and flexible choice for students who anticipate becoming managers in a variety of enterprises, from large global firms to small family businesses. The concentration of supply chain management (SCM) represents the integration of logistics, distribution, and purchasing. Jobs are available with shippers (i.e. logistics planner, warehouse manager), transportation companies (i.e. trucking and railroad operations), and intermediaries such as customs brokers and logistics management firms.

Supply Chain Management Cerificate

  • Certificate Program in Supply Chain Management: The Niagara University Supply Management Certificate Program is designed to be a comprehensive and convenient way to learn about managing key aspects of the supply chain. It is designed as a professional development resume builder for managers with no formal logistics education. The Center for Supply Chain Excellence is offering a new format for its Supply Management Certificate Program. Six one-day programs are offered on key concepts in SCM. You choose five of the six to complete the program and receive the Niagara Center of Supply Chain Excellence Certificate. The seminar topics include: Supply Chain Management; Traffic & Transportation Management; International Logistics; Inventory Management and Warehousing; and Purchasing and Supply Management
  • MBA Strategic SCM Course: MBA students can opt for the above non-credit certificate program to obtain valuable knowledge and skills in Supply Chain Management.


The Niagara University undergraduate curriculum is based on the premise that a general education is a necessary balance to career training and that both are essential to a liberal education worthy of the name. NU believes the education of the whole person is possible if they understand that “wholeness” means searching for and working from a human center rather than encompassing all knowledge. Every degree program at Niagara University combines a general education component with a distribution component and a major component.

  • Campus: Niagara University is located on Route 104 on the northern limits of the city of Niagara Falls. The 160-acre campus runs along the top of picturesque Monteagle Ridge overlooking the Niagara River gorge just four miles north of the world-famous waterfall. The location of the campus adjacent to the international border between the United States and Canada and relatively near the American and Canadian cities of Buffalo and Toronto, creates an international milieu.
  • Accreditation: Niagara University is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Its business programs are AACSB accredited and by The International Association for Management Education.
  • Faculty: Niagara University’s faculty are characterized by a dedication to excellence in research and service. They are widely published in first tier journals and have presented their research nationally and internationally. Over 100 universities, including non-American universities, are represented among Niagara’s faculty.
  • Career Development: The Office of Career Development (OCD) Staff offer a comprehensive program of career exploration and counseling, cooperative education and internship experiences, graduate and professional school information, job recruitment opportunities, and job search training. Specialized career planning workshops are conducted on topics such as: resume and cover letter preparation; job search strategies; identification and research of employers; and interview techniques.
  • Internship/Co-op Program: The College of Business Administration provides opportunities for junior and senior students, who have at least 15 semester hours of course work in the College of Business, to acquire pre-graduation experience by employment in commerce or industry through our internship/co-op programs. These experiences can be paid or nonpaid and students can receive up to six hours of course credit. Through the years, students have been placed in hundreds of organizations.
  • Study Abroad: As business competition has been global, the importance of acquainting students with other cultures has become increasingly important. The business school encourages study-abroad activities.
  • Niagara University Family Business Center: The Niagara University Family Business Center was established in 2003. The center is dedicated to serving the needs of family-owned businesses in Western New York and Southern Ontario. The mission is to develop and exchange relevant information on family-business issues in order to strengthen the stability and long-term viability of family businesses through education, research and service.
  • Niagara University Center for Supply Chain Excellence (NUCSCE): Niagara University Center for Supply Chain Excellence is an academic-professional partnership. The center conducts regular training programs in Supply Chain related topics for the regional business community and provides opportunities for students to interact with professionals in the this professional field.
  • University Housing: Over 1,500 students are housed in several residence halls, an apartment complex, and a grouping of six small cottages on the campus. Both coeducational and single-gender accommodations are available.