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Professional Maritime Training Programs approved by USCG and STCW Compliant in Charleston SC

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Located at Charleston SC, RCM Maritime provides mariners maritime training courses approved by the USCG and STCW compliant. All RCM Maritime courses are submitted to the Coast Guard for review to ensure they comply with the current STCW regulations and established requirements. Instructor credentials are submitted to the Coast Guard and evaluated to ensure they have the skills, licenses, and other certifications/documents to teach the applicable courses of instruction.

RCM Maritime is founded and operated by master mariners who are in tune with the recent evolution of the maritime industry, and who can relate to its students through real job experience. This has allowed for the development of programs that are relevant to current and future merchant mariners and that are success oriented.

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USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

USCG & STCW Compliant Programs

  • Able Seaman (5 days): This USCG Approved course includes theory and written examinations towards the issuance of a qualified rating on your merchant mariners credential as Able Seaman. The level of AB that you receive from the USCG is dependent upon your sea service including the total number of days, size of vessels, and waters operated on.
  • Leadership and Managerial Skills (5 days): This course satisfies the STCW as amended in 2010 requirement for Leadership and Management Training at the Management Level for deck and engineering officers known in the MCA System as HELM (M) and in the USCG System as Leadership & Management (Management Level).
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (5 days): Any applicant who has successfully completed Advanced Fire Fighting course will satisfy the Advanced Fire Fighting training requirements of Section A-VI/3 and Table A-VI/3 of the STCW Code, as amended 2010.
  • Fast Rescue Boats (3 days): This course will satisfy the Training and Practical Assessments of STCW A-VI/2, Table A-VI/2-2 and all tasks in NVIC 014. This course is required for those individuals assigned to operate Fast Rescue Boats.
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft/ Lifeboatman (4 days): Any applicant who successfully completes Proficiency in Survival Craft course will satisfy the standard of competence requirement of Table A-VI/2-1 of the STCW, as amended 2010, for Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats Other Than Fast Rescue Boats (PSC)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation (1 day)
  • Basic Firefighting (2 days)
  • Basic Training (5 days)
  • Basic Training Revalidation (1 day)
  • First Aid & CPR - Elementary Level (1 day)
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities (0.5 day)
  • Personal Survival Techniques (2 days)
  • Radar Recertification (1 day)
  • Train the Trainer (5 days)
  • Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (1 day)
  • Vessel, Company, and Facility Security Officer (3 days)

​USCG Captains License

  • OUPV (8 days): This course is valid for uninspected passenger vessels of less than 100 gross tons and is a national license as defined in 46 CFR 11.467. It is USCG approved and does not require testing at the Coast Guard REC.

LAST UPDATED ON Sep 30, 2018