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Transport Canada Watchkeeping Mate Certificate of Competency Requirements for Canadian Seafarers

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The Watchkeeping Mate is the second or third position in command behind the Master and Chief Mate depending on the voyage and vessel. The Watchkeeping Mate is responsible for - navigating the vessel, responding to emergencies, ensuring the vessel safely avoids other traffic, overseeing the loading, stowage, security, and unloading of cargo, mooring and anchoring the vessel, keeping fire and security watches, and standing in place of the Chief Mate in vessels over 3000 gross tons if required on emergency. Near Coastal endorsement has two classes in Canada -

Near Coastal voyage means a voyage that is not a sheltered waters voyage or a near coastal voyage, Class 2 that is between places in Canada, the United States (except Hawaii), Saint Pierre and Miquelon, the West Indies, Mexico, Central America or the northeast coast of South America; and during which the vessel engaged on the voyage is always north of latitude 6°N, and within 200 nautical miles from shore or above the continental shelf.

Near Coastal voyage, Class 2 means a voyage that is not a sheltered waters voyage; and during which the vessel engaged on the voyage is always within 25 nautical miles from shore in waters contiguous to Canada, the United States (except Hawaii) or Saint Pierre and Miquelon, and within 100 nautical miles from a place of refuge.

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Transport Canada Sea Service Requirements for WatchKeeping Mate

  • An applicant for a Watchkeeping Mate or Watchkeeping Mate, Near Coastal certificate shall acquire the following sea service performing deck duties on board one or more vessels of at least 25 gross tonnage while the vessels are engaged on voyages other than sheltered waters voyages -
  • (a) at least 36 months, including at least 6 months performing bridge watchkeeping duties under the supervision of a qualified deck officer;
  • (b) at least 24 months from an approved program of on-board training; or
  • (c) at least 12 months from an approved cadet training program in navigation

Transport Canada Examination Requirements for WatchKeeping Mate

  • Communications, level 1
  • Communications, level 2
  • Chartwork and pilotage, level 2
  • Navigation safety, level 1
  • Meteorology, level 1
  • Ship construction and stability, level 4;
  • Cargo, level 2
  • General ship knowledge, level 3
  • SIM I, after obtaining SEN Level I
  • Celestial navigation, level 2, in the case of an applicant for a Watchkeeping Mate certificate, after obtaining marine sextant certificate
  • Oral examination on general seamanship, after meeting the other requirements

Transport Canada Certificate Requirements for WatchKeeping Mate

  • MED with respect to STCW basic safety
  • MED training with respect to proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats
  • MED in advanced fire fighting
  • Restricted Operator’s Certificate (ROC-MC) issued under the Radiocommunication Act
  • SEN Level I
  • Electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS)
  • Marine advanced first aid
  • If applying for a Watchkeeping Mate certificate, knowledge and use of a marine sextant
  • A steering testimonial attesting to the applicant’s ability to steer and containing the declaration

Disclaimer: For general information purpose - please check with Transport Canada for the latest requirements and accurate info

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