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Bunkering, Shipping and Marine Survey Training Courses at Oxford, UK

petrospot academy

Established in 2003, Petrospot Academy offers a wide range of high quality, professional training courses on bunkering, shipping and marine surveying. Petrospot is a publishing, training and events organization focused on the maritime, energy and transportation industries.

Petrospot organizes and manages some of the popular bunker and shipping events. The Petrospot Academy offers a wide range of high quality, professional training courses on bunkering, shipping and marine surveying.

With core training approved by theInstitute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and endorsed by the International Bunker Industry Association (IBIA), the courses can also be taught in-house and adapted to suit particular leaning requirements.

Petrospot has trained in excess of 3,000 students from almost 70 countries in 18 different cities around the world. The courses are taught by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the maritime sector.

petrospot bunkering program

Training Programs

Bunker Courses

  • The Oxford Bunker Course (5 days residential): The Oxford Bunker Course is a world-renowned intensive residential training course, designed for newcomers to the business and for those who may already have some experience. The program includes a range of high-quality lectures on the technical, operational, commercial, ­financial and legal aspects of bunkering, including case studies, discussion groups and practical demonstrations. All students receive comprehensive course documentation for later reference and ongoing training.
  • The Oxford Bunker Course (Advanced) (3 days): This intensive training program integrates every aspect of bunkering (operations, technical, commercial, environmental and legal) and includes a combination of lectures, exercises and tests.
  • The Oxford Bunker Course (Advanced Commercial) (2 days): This intensive commercially-oriented bunker course is very well suited to those with a working knowledge of bunkering who require more detailed knowledge of the key elements of the commercial deal.
  • An Introduction to LNG Bunkering (1 day): This course is designed to bring delegates up to speed with the technical, operational, practical and safety-related aspects of using LNG as a source of fuel for ships. It also covers the commercial issues, including the complex issue of pricing LNG as a bunker fuel.
  • An Introduction to Bunker Disputes (1 day): Designed to provide a solid base from which delegates may increase their understanding of bunker claims and how to avoid them.
  • An Introduction to Bunkering (1 day): This course covers all the basics, including technical, operations, environmental, commercial and legal issues, and gives delegates a useful introduction to how the bunker industry works. The course has provided hundreds of newcomers a helpful starting point from which to launch their careers in the bunker industry.
  • Bunker Financial Risk Management (2 days): This highly-focused, intensive course clearly explains the essentials of price, credit and counterparty risk assessment. The course includes a number of class-based exercises designed to introduce students to a range of hedging techniques, including swaps, options and collars. For sellers, there is also an analysis of hedging positions - how and when to take long or short positions – and an explanation of spread mechanisms.

Fuel Courses

  • An Introduction to Fuel Measurement (1 day): The measurement of the quantity of fuel delivered to ships remains the trigger point for the majority of disputes between buyers and sellers of marine fuel. As business margins increasingly come under pressure, it is essential that purchasers of bunker fuel take delivery of the product they have paid for – inaccurate measurement, whether through poor practice or through intentional short delivery, can result in signi­ficant ­financial losses.

Marine Surveying Courses

  • Marine Surveying Masterclass (0.5-1 day): Consisting of six separate courses, available as a complete Marine Surveying Masterclass, this intense training will broaden and deepen every student’s knowledge of key aspects of marine surveying and consultancy.

Shipping Courses

  • An Introduction to Shipping (1 day): This course explains the basics of ships and the business of shipping. It aims to educate and inform newcomers to shipping and those whose jobs require a basic grasp of how the industry works.