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Internships & Career Opportunities for College Graduates & Experienced Professionals in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering


Founded in 2002, Alion Science and Technology Corporation is an employee-owned technology solutions company delivering technical expertise and operational support to the Department of Defense, civilian government agencies and commercial customers. Alion is a 100% ESOP-owned company and Alion employee has a personal stake in ensuring the collective success of the company. Alion delivers technical expertise and operational support in seven core service areas - Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering; Defense Operations; Modeling and Simulation; Technology Integration; Information Technology and Wireless Communications; and Energy and Environmental Sciences.

With nearly 50 years of innovation and experience, Alion delivers complete ship design, engineering and naval architecture service supporting the US Navy and Coast Guard, as well as commercial, civil and foreign ship, and marine related design requirements. The services encompass Naval Architecture, whole ship systems engineering from requirements definition to production support, mission systems integration, signature analysis and survivability, vulnerability and recoverability.

The marine engineering support covers all critical ship systems: propulsion, electrical, fluids/piping, auxiliary, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), deck machinery, underway replenishment (UNREP) and machinery automation & control. Alion provides expertise for machinery integration, test and trials, failure analysis, modeling & simulation, integrated logistics support (ILS) solutions and owner representation.

From recent graduates to former, retired and reserve military personnel, the Alion family comes from a diverse background. Alion offers a professional work environment where as employee-owners all strive to meet the needs of the customers. Alion rewards the employees for their personal achievements and offers publication bonuses to full-time employees who author an article that is subsequently published in a technical journal. Alion recognizes the employees through yearly CEO Awards program, service awards and performance-based bonuses as well as employee referral bonuses.

ALION Career Opportunities

Interns, Graduates & Experienced Candidates

  • Interns: Alion’s internships provide qualified students with real-life experiences to supplement their academic studies. Alion offers the opportunity to work on challenging projects, exploration of potential career opportunities, competitive compensation, flexible work hours and eligibility to become part of an employee-ownership culture. An Alion internship allows students to establish mentor relationships with professionals in their chosen field of study and can help pave the way toward possible full-time employment after graduation.
  • Colleges Graduates & Experienced Professionals: Alion actively recruits college graduates and experienced candidates for open positions through on-campus events and career fairs and are looking for bright, motivated people with degrees in science, computers and engineering as well as people with business skills, including contract administration, business development and finance.

Personal Development

  • Tuition Assistance and Certification Programs: Alion is dedicated to the growth of the employees in their chosen field and offers a tuition assistance program to the full-time employees that can be used toward degree or certificate coursework as well as training programs on specific software or emerging concepts in their field that will better enable them to succeed and grow.
  • Alion University: Alion University serves as a tool to assist employees with their training needs. In addition to instructor led training programs, Alion University has recently launched a state of the art online learning portal where employees are able to access thousands of courses including business skills, IT skills and desktop skills 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Training: Employee-owners also participate in yearly training for ethics and export compliance. Additionally, some of the divisions participate in internal training programs during which employees educate their co-workers.
  • Fast Track Career Development Program: The Fast Track Program targets High Potential Employees who have shown the personal motivation and drive to excel now and in the future. The Fast Track Program is expected to increase retention and it is also a good tool for succession planning to ensure availability of qualified Employees across the company for new business and qualified replacements to backfill promotions and retirements.

Employee Ownership

The Alion Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) provides employee-owners the opportunity to share in the Company’s success by providing employee-owners with an opportunity to invest in Alion stock. Alion's Employee Ownership, Savings and Investment Plan (KSOP) combines the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) and a managed 401(k) plan.


ALION Canada

Alion’s wholly owned subsidiary, Alion Canada, headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, was established in early 2009 for the purpose of developing a complete ship design capability in Canada. Alion Canada is supported by Alion’s global naval architecture and marine engineering resources, approximately 1200 professionals dedicated to providing engineering and management services to the maritime markets, including all phases of combat vessel and research vessel design, engineering and acquisition.

Teamed with its joint venture partner, Robert Allan, Ltd., Alion Canada and Alion (U.S.) are designing a new class of Canadian Coast Guard Offshore Fisheries Science Vessels. Three of these ships are planned to be constructed in the next few years. They will conduct scientific research in all of Canada’s three oceans.

The joint venture is also designing a new research vessel for the Australian government. The Future Research Vessel will launch in mid-2013 and allow Australian universities and research organizations to perform marine research that will support sustainable ocean management practices. The core areas include - Ship Design; Marine Engineering; and Acquisition Management.

Alion Canada Career Opportunities

Alion Canada Ottawa headquarters is the focal point of the expanding Canadian presence and to support this growth, Alion needs motivated individuals who want to use their talents to the fullest. Canadian citizens can work on programs of national significance while building a career with a technology leader. Alion Canada offers competitive compensation and excellent benefits as well as a positive work environment that encourages original thinking and technical excellence.

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