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Supply Chain Management Education at Fogelman College of Business and Economics in Memphis

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The University of Memphis is a learner-centered metropolitan research university providing high quality educational experiences while pursuing new knowledge through research, artistic expression, and interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship. The University of Memphis is a learner-centered metropolitan research university providing high quality educational experiences while pursuing new knowledge through research, artistic expression, and interdisciplinary and engaged scholarship.

From the opening of its doors in 1912 as a normal school for training teachers to its present status as one of Tennessee’s two comprehensive universities, the University of Memphis has been thrust forward by the growth of Memphis and the Mid-South. A town oriented to a rural economy and culture in 1900 grew into a large urban and commercial center mid-century, and the city’s public institution of higher learning experienced comparable growth.

The function of The Fogelman College of Business and Economics (FCBE) is to provide the basic education at the undergraduate level necessary to prepare a person to enter the profession of business. A significant characteristic of the college is that it provides for concentration in the departments of economics and business, not as a substitute for, but as a part of, a broad liberal education.

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Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

  • Supply Chain Management Major (B.B.A.): Supply Chain Management majors study the functions that comprise supply chain management including logistics, purchasing/sourcing, operations, and transportation. Logistics procedures and strategies, warehousing, inventory management, and order processing are covered. Emphasis on analysis of the competitive environment, distribution network alternatives, and customer service aspects provide a background in each functional area to enable students to pursue their areas of interest.
  • Supply Chain Management Minor: This is for students whose major is in another college of the University.


Memphis is home to many of America’s greatest companies, and the Fogelman College takes maximum advantage of the metropolitan environment in which it is located. Students are provided opportunities to interact with the business community through real-world, relevant and important projects and internships. When you combine the wealth of real-world experience available to Fogelman College students with a philosophy geared to make the student more marketable to employers, the result is exceptional graduates who can compete with the best in the world and who are prepared for professionally and financially rewarding positions when they enter the workforce.

  • Campus: The University's modern and beautifully landscaped campus is centrally located in an attractive residential area of Memphis, with shopping, recreation and entertainment centers nearby. In addition to the main campus facilities, the University has research and athletic training facilities and married student housing on the South Campus, as well as teaching sites throughout West Tennessee.
  • Accreditation: The University of Memphis is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award bachelor's, first professional, master's, educational specialist's and doctoral degrees. The Fogelman College holds both business and accounting accreditation from AACSB International and is the only AACSB school in the Memphis metropolitan area.
  • Career and Employment Services: Career and Employment Services (C&ES) helps prepare students and alumni with proficient job search skills and assistance with locating employment upon graduation with business, education, government, industry, and non-profit organizations. Services provided include: on-campus interviews with employer representatives; job listings of employment opportunities on the web through MonsterTRAC and Memphis Chamber of Commerce as well as a resource library; and on-line job referral services allowing employers to view resumes of students utilizing "eRecruiting" software.
  • Robert Wang Center for International Business: The Robert Wang Center for International Business is one of 31 Centers for international business education and research in the United States, funded for over 20 years by million in grants from the U.S. Department of Education.
  • FedEx Center for Supply Chain Management: The FedEx Center for Supply Chain Management is the only center in the U.S. devoted to industrial/academic collaboration for research in cycle time issues.
  • International Programs and Study Abroad: The Office of International Programs administers semester and year-long exchange programs and facilitates study abroad programs for shorter periods of time. Exchanges are currently available at more than 120 colleges and universities in some 40 countries through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) and the College Consortium for International Students (CCIS). Some of the ISEP and CCIS programs are taught totally in English and others totally in the native language, but many provide the opportunity to increase language skills while taking other courses in English.
  • Student Employment: The University of Memphis offers two programs of on-campus employment. Federal Work-Study is a need-based financial aid program. The regular student employment program is not need-based and is available to any student enrolled at least half-time.
  • Housing: The University Of Memphis campus offers eight different residence halls and Graduate and Student Family Housing for graduate students or students who are married or have families. Whether you are interested in a traditional style residence hall or apartment style living, The University of Memphis has accommodations to meet your needs.

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