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MCA Engineer Officer of the Watch (EOOW) IAMI A&B and Engineering Knowledge (EK) Examinations and Syllabus

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MCA Engineer Officer of the Watch (EOOW) examinations are for seafarers to achieve Engineer Officer of the Watch certificate of competency (CoC) by International Association of Maritime Institutions (IAMI) exam route. IAMI undertakes examination services on behalf of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and the exams conducted at frequent intervals throughout the year.

UMCA Engineer Officer of the Watch (EOOW) IAMI Exam 'A' covers mechanics, strength of materials and naval architecture; and exam 'B' covers heat, fluids and electricity. The Engineering Knowledge (UK) covers general and motor/steam engineering knowledge and the underpinning knowledge in key general engineering science subject areas.

Please check below the exam schemes, passing marks and syllabus details for Engineer Officer of the Watch (EOOW) IAMI examinations.

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IAMI Engineering Written Exams

IAMI General Engineering Science A & B Examinations

Exam Scheme & Passing Marks: If you are required to complete the IAMI General Engineering Science A & B exam, you must obtain a minimum 50% pass in each section.

IAMI Science A Syllabus


  • The relationship of linear and angular velocity, distance and acceleration
  • The effect of forces and torques on motion and lifting machines
  • Forces in equilibrium
  • The Conservation of Energy theory and momentum
  • The relationship between mass, volume and density
  • Static and dynamic friction
  • The effects of tensile, compressive and shear forces
  • The relationship between stress and strain
  • The mechanical properties of materials
  • Factor of safety

Naval Architecture

  • The relationship between centre of gravity and centre of buoyancy and the significance of the relative position of these points
  • The changes to the vessel’s condition when weights are added, removed and moved

IAMI Science B Syllabus


  • The heat required to change the temperature of solids, liquids and gases.
  • The transfer of heat through solids, liquids and gases.
  • The dimensional effects on liquids and solids of changes in temperature.
  • The change of state of water as it is heated and the relationship between temperature and heat.
  • The use of steam tables to determine the state of water and steam.
  • The application of the gas laws.
  • The application of the steady flow energy equation.
  • The relevance of the calorific values of fuels.
  • The combustion process and the effects of excess and insufficient air supply.
  • The use of indicator diagrams to determine the power of an engine.
  • The heat balance of an internal combustion engine.
  • The basic refrigeration cycle and the components within a refrigeration plant


  • The thrust on horizontal and vertical immersed surfaces
  • Determine that pressure increases with depth and the pressure acting at a specified depth
  • The relationship between the centre of pressure and the centroid of an immersed surface
  • The reaction at surface supports of immersed and partially immersed surfaces
  • The principles of Archimedes
  • The application of the Principles of Archimedes to floating rectangular shaped vessels


  • DC circuits with resistances in parallel and series
  • Power and energy in DC circuits
  • AC circuits comprising resistance capacitance and inductance, voltage and current magnification factor.
  • True power, apparent power and power factor

Engineer Officer of the Watch IAMI A & B Full Syllabus

EOOW IAMI A&B Full Syllabus PDF

IAMI EOOW Engineering Knowledge Examination

Exam Scheme & Passing Marks: The contents of this examination paper are - Section A (Motor Engineering Knowledge); Section B (Steam Engineering Knowledge); and Section C (General Engineering Knowledge). Section C, General Engineering Knowledge consists of THREE parts - Auxiliary Systems, Electrical, and Ship Construction. A minimum of 40% of the marks are required in EACH part. Candidates are required to obtain 50% of the marks allocated in each section attempted to gain a pass. The time allowed is 2 hours 20 minutes and for combined candidates is 3 hours 10 minutes.

IAMI Engineering Knowledge (EK) Syllabus

  1. Auxiliary Equipment
  2. Ship Construction and Electrical Section
  3. Motor Section
  4. Steam Section
  5. Control Engineering

Engineer Officer of the Watch Engineering Knowledge (EK) Full Syllabus

EOOW IAMI Engineering Knowledge (EK) Full Syllabus PDF

Disclaimer: For general information purpose only. Please check with UK MCA for the accurate and latest information and detailed syllabus.