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Maritime, STCW and Boatmasters Firefighting Training Programs in Plymouth and Exeter, Devon, UK

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Red One (DSFRS Academy) is the commercial trading arm of Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service. As the UK’s leading provider of fire and rescue training, Red One provides a wide selection of courses at the state-of-the-art Academy, including bespoke courses to suit the customer's specific operational and business requirements.

The DSFRS Academy is recognized as one of the leading fire and rescue training providers in the UK - supplying Firefighters from over 47 fire and rescue services nationwide, as well as international and commercial clients, with the highest standard of fire behavior and specialist rescue instruction.

With a commitment to improving safety and raising standards, the DSFRS Academy offers a range of practical courses, across various disciplines, relevant to anyone requiring the specialist knowledge and skills needed to work safely in hazardous conditions.

The Maritime School provides a complete suite of courses for dealing with incidents ranging from fires in vessels on small inland waterways to the incident command of large incidents on ocean going ships. The Maritime School has use of two ship structure facilities and a fixed installation demonstration unit. It has access to a wide range of waterborne vessels from small commercial craft to large naval and commercial vessels.

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Training Programs

Maritime Firefighting Courses

  • BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Maritime Firefighting (3 days): It is designed to ensure that the successful student is safe, competent and adequately experienced to deal with fires on-board vessels of all sizes when they complete the course. The course also provides the ability for students to apply their skills and knowledge in vessels located alongside in Ports, in Estuarial Waters and on Inland Waterways.
  • BTEC Level 3 Advanced Award in Maritime Firefighting (including Part Two which is an additional element covering ICS at Supervisory Manager Level) (5 days): The course has been designed to enhance the three day Level 3 course for those who have a supervisory manager responsibility (Watch and Crew Managers). It enables practical demonstration of Incident Command. The additional part two element guides the student through applying ICS in differing scenarios from large to small vessels alongside or in estuarial waters and inland waterways.
  • BTEC Level 4 Professional Award in Maritime Firefighting (5 days): This course is designed for employees who may have a role being the Incident Commander of an incident on board a ship or vessel which may be alongside, at sea or on other waterways. This could include individuals who are in charge of a specialist firefighting team from a Local Authority Fire & Rescue Service or employees engaged as crew on a vessel with firefighting responsibilities.
  • Estuarial Waters (1 day): This course has been developed to facilitate individuals with the required knowledge and skills to deal with incidents in areas that are deemed to be within the local fire authority boundaries. On completion of the course students will be able to explain the operational tactics of firefighting and rescue in vessels and in estuarial waters or inland waterways.
  • Boatmaster’s Licence Basic Firefighting & Prevention (1 day): This course is designed for those who require knowledge of fire prevention and firefighting on pleasure vessels; approved by the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

STCW Firefighting Courses

  • STCW Basic Training in Fire Prevention and Firefighting (2 days): The STCW course is for those training to become seamen or women. The course contains ‘hot fire’ training and meets the requirements of STCW Regulation VI/1 and Section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code.
  • STCW Advanced Firefighting (4 days): The STCW95 advanced course is designed for those needing to further their firefighting knowledge gained in the basic training course with emphasis on organization, tactics, communication and command & control.
  • STCW  PSSR: Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (1 day)
  • STCW  Basic First Aid (1 day)
  • STCW Personal Sea Survival (1 day)
  • Advanced Firefighting Updating/ Refresher Training (1 day)
  • Fire Prevention and Firefighting Updating/ Refresher Training (1 day)