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OSHA Maritime 5410, 5400, and 5402 for the Maritime Industry in Wesley Chapel, FL

usf oti education center

The USF OSHA Training Institute Education Center is located off campus just north of Tampa in Wesley Chapel, FL. USF OTI Education Center work together with the USF Sunshine Education Research Center and the USF Safety Florida Consultation Program to offer employers and employees a wide array of services and courses.

USF OTI Education Center has formed partnerships and alliances with numerous organizations outside of USF in order to provide top quality classes, workshops and seminars. The goal is to improve workplace safety and health through education. The OTI Education Center hosts classes in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

In addition, the OTI Education Center has provisions in place for hosting contract classes at employer work sites, developing special classes on safety and health related topics, and arranging conferences and seminars on health and safety related topics, as well as disaster and emergency planning. USF OTI Education Center is training over 21,000 workers every year all over the U.S.

usf osha maritime training

Training Programs

OSHA 5410 Course

  • OSHA 5410 Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Maritime Industry (5 days): This course covers OSHA policies, procedures, and standards for the maritime industry. Using the OSHA Maritime Standards as a guide, special emphasis is placed on those areas in the maritime industry which are most hazardous. Upon course completion students will define maritime terms found in the OSHA Maritime Standards, identify hazards in the maritime industry and determine appropriate controls and abatement, locate OSHA Maritime Standards, policies and procedures, and describe the use of the OSHA Maritime Standards and regulations to supplement an ongoing safety and health program.

OSHA Train the Trainer Courses

  • OSHA 5400 Trainer Course in Occupational Safety and Health Standards for the Maritime Industry (4 days): This course is designed for individuals interested in teaching the 10- and 30-hour Maritime safety and health Outreach Training Program to their employees and other interested groups. Students are briefed on effective instructional approaches and use of visual aids and handouts. This course allows the student to become a trainer in the Outreach Training Program, to conduct 10- and 30-hour maritime classes in shipyard employment, marine terminals, and longshoring, and to issue cards to participants after verifying course completion.
  • OSHA 5402 Maritime Industry Trainer Update Course (3 days): This course is designed for individuals who have successfully completed OSHA course #5400 Trainer Course in OSHA Standards for the Maritime Industry and are active Outreach Training Program trainers. Upon course completion students will have the ability to demonstrate continued professional development in their field by applying effective adult learning principles and interactive training techniques to clearly identify, define and explain maritime industry hazards and acceptable corrective measures as they continue to teach the 10- and 30-hour Outreach Training Program classes.