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ABB Trainee Programs & Career Opportunities in Marine Technical Solutions & Systems


Asea Brown Boveri (ABB) is a Swiss-Swedish multinational conglomerate and one of the largest engineering companies in the world. With over 117,000 employees, it has operations in more than 100 countries. ABB Marine Systems is a global maritime organization and a leading manufacturer of electric power and propulsion systems for ships. With direct presence and dedicated Marine Service Centers strategically located throughout the world, ABB provides lifecycle service and support wherever your business takes you.

ABB Marine Solutions provides a complete range of electrotechnical solutions for the world fleet. The systems are based on ABB's industry-leading technology within electric power, drives and automation, and have for decades proven to meet the high demands of marine and offshore applications. To meet the diverse needs of the customers throughout different segments of the marine market, ABB Marine is organized with dedicated groups having long experience and in-depth knowledge of specific vessel types. Working closely with ship designers, yards and owners within individual ship segments worldwide enables ABB to keep pace with the ever-changing demands of the marketplace, and forms the basis for on-going development and optimization of the vessel-specific solutions and services.

ABB is a multicultural and global business that believes as strongly in the latest thinking as it does the latest technology. As part of the team, you could enjoy the best of both worlds while leaving your legacy. ABB ensures that the internal and external candidates selected for the job vacancies are well suited both to the culture of ABB and the requirements of the vacant position through the use of globally consistent, professional and validated processes including interviewing, assessment, reference checking and, where appropriate, background clearance.

ABB Career Opportunities

Student & Graduate Hires

  • ABB Global Trainee Programs: The 18-24 month programs offer you the opportunity to work in different countries and to experience diverse work cultures and job assignments.
  • ABB Australia Graduate Program: The two year program has been specifically designed to give graduates a broad range of experiences and a good foundation in areas ranging from engineering design to commissioning or service activities. As such, graduates rotate through six of ABB's businesses across all of the company's divisions.
  • ABB Norway Trainee Program: Trainee of ABB in Norway aims to develop and train young talents who can make a career in the ABB system. The program offers "on-the-job training" in three different parts of the organization. This program is for two years.
  • ABB Germany Trainee Program: The entry into the 18-month trainee program is open throughout the year. The training program connects your skills with the best targeted and intensive training in your future job. They start right in your target area, but also complete a portion of your traineeship in related fields.
  • ABB Sweden Trainee Program: ABB's Trainee program is aimed primarily at engineers. On some occasions ABB also take PhDs, MBAs, IS / IT students etc.
  • ABB Switzerland Trainee Program: The ABB Switzerland Trainee Program is for High school and college graduates with technical and leadership potential to become highly qualified generalists. This a 15 months program.
  • Stadt Marine Drive Course (Course venue and duration - Ulsteinvik, Norway & Singapore; 4 days): In-depth theory and exercises of control and hardware devices. Hardware structure and software principles. Targeted at marine electrical engineers.

Experienced Hires

  • Whatever your particular skills, here is where you begin to contribute to world-class projects that truly shape the world. And all the while you will be adding to your own expertise and creativity. There are several opportunities in marine specialty jobs in Singapore and worldwide.

ABB Marine Academy

  • Marine academy offers training courses specifically designed for shipbuilders and crew members to safely operate ABB equipment. More details can be found here - ABB Marine Academy

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