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Career Opportunities in Offshore Marine Services & Subsea Services; And Onshore Operation Support & Central Functions Worldwide


Present in Africa as well as Latin America, Asia and Europe, BOURBON operates a fleet of over 400 vessels and offers a comprehensive range of offshore oil marine services, in deepwater and continental offshore. BOURBON operates in oil fields during exploitation, development and production stages. BOURBON also ensures the protection of the French coast for the French Navy. The company is also involved in installation, inspection, maintenance and repair operations of deepwater offshore facilities.

BOURBON is a service provider geared to support the activities of oil platforms. Some of its activities are: Offshore installation supply; Offshore installation anchor handling, towage and positioning; Personnel transport; Assistance, salvage and pollution remediation; Offshore operations engineering, supervision and management; Offshore field and wind farm development support; and, Subsea inspection, maintenance and repair (IMR).

With over 8,600 employees, BOURBON offers everyone the opportunity to express his talent and realize his professional career. The objective of BOURBON is to make all employees the best professionals in the offshore market to guarantee a high level of customer service. Training programs include: Operation-related training, aimed at improving safety in particular; officer training in human management and stress management; the training of new recruits; and Support for newly promoted employees when they take up their duties.

Bourbon Career Opportunities

Offshore Positions - Marine Services

  • Supply vessels AHTS & PSV: Master; Chief Mate; Dynamic Positioning Officer; Chief Engineer; Second Engineer; Cadet; Boatswain; Able Seaman; and, Cook.
  • Crewboats & Terminal Tugs: Master; Chief Engineer; Cadet & trainee; and Able Seaman.
  • Assistance & Salvage Tugs: Master; Chief Mate; Second Mate; Chief Engineer; Second Engineer; Electrician; Boatswain; Cook; and, Able Seaman.

Offshore Positions - Subsea Services

  • IMR Vessels: Master; Chief Mate; Second Mate; Dynamic Positioning Officer; Chief Engineer; Second Engineer; Electrician; Boatswain; Able Seaman; Cook; Shift Operator; Deck Foreman; Rigger; and, Winch/Crane Operator.
  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs): ROV Pilot; Engineer; and, Electronician

Operation Support Functions

  • Sedentary Support Functions: Operations management; Contract management; Logistic management; Maintenance; Crewing; Safety; Quality; Communication; and IT.

Central Functions

  • Main Areas: Audit; Finance; Controlling; Legal; IT; Communications; Human Resources; Quality; Marketing business development; Newbuildings; and, Purchase & supply chain

Sample List of Jobs

  • Chef mécanicien - Nigeria
  • ROV Supervisor - Nigeria
  • Master - Nigeria
  • ROV Pilot - Nigeria
  • ROV Superintendent - Nigeria
  • Logistic Coordinator - United Arab Emirates
  • Marketing & Business Trainee - France
  • Life-Cycle Superintendent - Hydraulic Expert - France
  • Life-Cycle Superintendent - Propulsion expert - France
  • Shift Supervisor - France
  • Life-Cycle Superintendent - Electric/Electronic Expert - France
  • Life-Cycle Superintendent - Diesel & Alternator Expert - France
  • Business Analyst Gabon - France
  • Superintendant Technique - France
  • Contract Manager Subsea Services - Nigeria
  • Purchasing Officer - United Arab Emirates
  • Warehouse Leader - Ivory Coast
  • Shipyard Team Leader - Angola
  • Technical Superintendent - Dubai
  • Crewing officer - France
  • Operations Manager MPSV - Switzerland
  • Responsable Réseaux / Sécurité / Telecom - France
  • Chef mécanicien - Cert of competency Class 2 (Deck)
  • ROV Supervisor
  • Master - Master Unlimited
  • ROV Pilot
  • ROV Superintendent
  • Plus many more..

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