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General Requirements, STCW Certificates & Training Required for Electro Technical Rating (ETR)

electro technical rating etr

An Electro Technical Rating (ETR), also called ship’s electrician, performs duties prescribed by Regulation ІIІ/7 of STCW with amendments and standards А-ІIІ/7, В-ІIІ/7 of STCW Code. ETR performs electrical, electronic and control engineering functions and duties at a support level on a ship of any propulsion power in any operating area. Next progression for ETR is Electro Technical Officer (ETO).

The duties involved for the ETR are similar to the ETO but at a support level. An ETR monitors all onboard electronic and electrical equipment and maximizes the operational safety and efficiency of the vessel. They possess practical skills and mainly called for trouble shooting electrical and electronic control and power systems under the guidance of Electro Technical Officer and other engineers.

Both ETO and ETR are under the command of the Chief Engineer and or sometimes under Chief Electrical Officer. Cruise industry employs ETRs and ETOs since a cruise ship has advanced electrical and electronic systems. Also many new ships are now equipped with such systems and the job scene is evolving very fast.

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Electro-technical Rating is a rating qualified in accordance with the provisions of regulation 111/7 of the STCW Convention

General Requirements for Certification as an Electro-Technical Rating

Electro-technical rating serving on a seagoing ship powered by a main propulsion machinery of 750 kW propulsion power or more must be:

  • Age: Not less than 18 years of age.
  • Seagoing Service: Completed approved seagoing service including not less than 12 months training and experience, or completed approved training, including an approved period of seagoing service which shall not be less than six months or, have qualifications that meet the technical competences in table A-III/7 and an no less than three months approved period of seagoing service. This must be documented in an approved training record book.
  • Education & Training: Education and training program meeting the standards of competence specified in section A-III/7 of the STCW Code.
  • Note: Seafarers may be considered to have met requirements of this regulation if they have served on board a ship for a period of not less than 12 months within the last 60 months preceding the entry into force of this regulation and the competence specified in section A-III/7. Notwithstanding the above requirements, a suitable qualified person may be able to undertake certain functions of section A-III/7

STCW Certificates & Training Required for ETR

electro technical rating certificates
      Table:ETR certificates and training requirements. Credits: ITWF

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