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General Requirements, STCW Certificates, Endorsements & Training Required for Able Seafarer Deck (AS-D)

able seaman deck

Transitioning from Able Seaman or AB, the Able Seafarer Deck (AS-D or AB Deck) is a new STCW endorsement and is a qualified rating at the deck department on ocean going vessels of 500 GT or more. AS-D certificate corresponds with a certificate issued under regulation II/5 of the STCW Convention as amended in 2010. With this certificate, you can perform the functions and duties of a deck rating forming part of a navigational watch on ocean going vessels.

An AS-D may work as a watchstander, a day worker, or a combination of these roles and, must be able to work safely in enclosed spaces and at heights, and must also be able to respond to vessel emergencies, administer emergency first aid, carry out fire prevention and fire-fighting duties, be able to use survival techniques in the water, and be able to operate survival craft and rescue boats to name a few of the duties involved.

The AS-D is considered a higher endorsement than the RFPNW; however, by itself RFPNW will not qualify you for an AS-D endorsement. An Able Seaman (AB) is a rating of the deck department and they can transition into an AS-D with seagoing experience and subject to other conditions which varies at different maritime administrations. With STCW 2010, onboard a seagoing vessel of 500 GT or more, AS-D has become mandatory (except for training).

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ableseaman deck duties

Able Seafarer Deck is a qualified rating  in accordance with the provisions of regulation 11/5 of the STCW 2010 Manila Amendments

General Requirements to Obtain a CoC or Endorsement as an Able Seafarer Deck

Applies only for service on ships of 500 gross tonnage or more. The rating must:

  • Age: be not less than 18 years of age.
  • Certification: Meet the requirements for certification as a rating forming part of a navigational watch.
  • Seagoing Service: have completed 18 months approved seagoing service in the deck department, or 12 months and completed approved training.
  • Education & Training: onboard training documented in a training book or approved training ashore with a minimum of 12 months sea service.
  • Competence: meet the standard of competence specified in section A-II/5.
  • Note: There are also alternative training options for integrated ratings in A-VII/2, and seafarers should make enquires with their national administrations.

STCW Certificates, Endorsements & Training Required for AS-D

able seaman deck certificates
      Table:AS-D certificates and training requirements. Credits: ITWF

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