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Transport, Logistics, Supply Chain, Warehouse & Freight Professional Training and, CILT, IOM, Fritz Institute, FTA & UKWA Certifications On-site and Online Programs

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Established in 2004, Logistics Leaning Alliance (LLA) is one of the UK’s leading training companies in Logistics and offers training both for individuals and for organizations. The award winning development programs are designed to both challenge and develop your Supply Chain and Logistics skills.

LLA humanitarian and business logistics and supply chain online learning programs or face-to-face events are delivered by in-house sector professionals. Programs are delivered by distance learning, online or by face-to-face workshops. They can also be a blend of these solutions.

LLA offers a wide range of commercial logistics and supply chain courses. These courses are built around competence-based learning at four levels - Introductory [Level 2] (designed for new entrants or those whose work relates to the supply chain, but are not directly involved in it); Operational[Level3] (designed for team leaders and junior managers); Tactical [Levels 4 and 5](designed for middle management); and Strategic [Level 6] (designed for senior management).

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Training Programs

CILT Qualifications

  • CILT Level 2 Certificate: An entry level course for anyone starting a logistics industry career.
  • CILT Level 3 Certificate: Intended for those who are or are seeking to become supervisors or first line managers within the logistics and transport industry.
  • CILT Level 5 Professional Diploma: Designed for middle managers in the logistics, supply chain and transport sectors aspiring to strategic leadership.
  • CILT Level 6 Advanced Diploma: For current senior managers who want to take their industry knowledge and capabilities to a higher level involving strategic planning and decision making or leadership skills.
  • CILT Transport Manager CPC: For individuals who want to enter the profession of Transport Manager, or demonstrate their professional competence to meet Operator License requirements.
  • CILT-IOM Supply Chain and Inventory Management: An advanced course that explores the role of inventory within supply chain operations.

IoSCM Qualifications

  • IoSCM Level 3 in Supply Chain and Operations: Designed for those wanting to develop key knowledge in the Supply Chain sector and who are aspiring to become Supervisors or Team Leaders. Available as an Award, Certificate or Diploma.
  • IoSCM Level 5 Diploma in Supply Chain and Operations Management: Designed for Middle Managers seeking to progress to become a Senior Manager and those looking to improve their overall Supply Chain knowledge and solve more complex Supply Chain issues in the workplace.

UKWA Warehouse Qualifications

  • UKWA Introduction to Warehousing and Logistics: Designed as an introductory program for new entries into Warehousing and Logistics.
  • UKWA Warehouse Supervisor CPC: Designed to complement the UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC program, this program is for Supervisors and Team Leaders in the Warehouse sector.
  • UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC: The UKWA Warehouse Manager CPC is ideal for employees at middle management level and is expected to become the recognized industry standard of achievement for Warehouse Managers in the UK.

LLA Online Short Courses

  • LLA Introductory (Level 2) Short Courses: Aimed at people new to logistics or to the concept of supply chain, and people working in other areas who need to understand the supply chain and how it fits the objectives of the business.
  • LLA Intermediate (Level 3) Short Courses: Aimed at Supervisors and Managers responsible for the day-to-day activities of supply chain operations, as well as Managers of other departments who require a more in-depth knowledge of how the supply chain operations work.
  • LLA Advanced (Level 5) Short Courses: Aimed at Supervisors and Managers responsible for the day-to-day activities of supply chain operations, as well as Managers of other departments who require a more in-depth knowledge of how the supply chain operations work.

Apprenticeship Support Programs

  • International Freight Forwarding Specialist Apprenticeship (Support Program): Students will use computer and paper-based systems to arrange the best means of transport, considering the type of goods and the customers delivery requirements This learning by doing approach provides a competence and confidence that no other training method can offer.
  • Supply Chain Practitioner: In development
  • Express Delivery Operative: In development

Fritz-CILT Humanitarian Certifications

  • Certification in Humanitarian Logistics (CHL)
  • Certification en Logistique Humanitaire (CLH)
  • Certification in Humanitarian Supply Chain Management (CHSCM)
  • Certification in Humanitarian Medical Logistics Practices (MedLog)
  • CILT Awards in Cash Transfer Programming (CTP)

Humanitarian Essentials Logistics Module (HELM)

  • Humanitarian Essential Logistics Module 1
  • Humanitarian Essential Logistics Module 2
  • Advanced Humanitarian Essential Logistics Module