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Marine Workshops on Trouble shooting Electricals, Outboard Maintenance, Vessel Mechanical Systems, and USCG License Workshops in Kodiak, AK

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Located at Kodiak Alaska, Kodiak College is part of the University of Alaska statewide system of public higher education. It is an extended college of University of Alaska Anchorage. Kodiak College offers numerous academic credit courses that lead to occupational endorsement and undergraduate certificates and associate degrees and may be transferred to other colleges.

In addition to traditional campus courses, there are a variety of alternative course formats including web-based, self-paced, and synchronous elearning courses. Academic, vocational, recreational and personal enrichment courses provide a wide array of choices for Kodiak College students. Kodiak College also provides outreach services to the U.S. Coast Guard, Kodiak Senior Center, local schools and the rural communities of Kodiak.

Maritime Workforce Development department offer short focused workshops on critical skills for vessel repair and maintenance, deck handing, and more. Vessel owners and managers, crew-members, recreational boaters, and employees of service shops are the target group of these the workshops.

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Training Programs

Marine Technical Workshops

  • ABYC Marine Service Technician - Credential Testing: For those who already have the skills of a Marine Service Technician and would like to add a credential to their name, Kodiak College offers testing for certification through the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC). 
  • DC Electrical for Vessels (An Introductory Workshop) (12 hours): This is a workshop for all beginners  who want to learn basic theory and practices of direct current electricity aboard vessels.  If you own a boat or if you're exploring the career of Marine Technician, this workshop is for you. 
  • Maintaining Your Outboard (16 hours): This is a two day workshop covering theory and hands-on maintenance of 2-stroke and 4-stroke outboard engines of 25-horsepower and larger. This class is for set-netters, sports fishing enthusiasts, owners of commercial fishing vessels, non-boaters, those wishing to explore a career in outboard maintenance, and any other interested party.
  • From Stem to Stern - Examining the Machinery of Vessel Systems (12 hours): This workshop focuses on the primary components of vessel function. Helm and rudder, engine controls and adjustments, shafts and bearings, water cooling systems, and bilge pumps, and just a few of the topics covered. This workshop is aimed at vessel owners and crew.
  • Preventative Maintenance and Other Skills for the Engine Room (6 hours): Extend the life of your main engine and other equipment with the essential practices taught in this workshop.
  • Troubleshooting Gauges (4 hours): This hands-on workshop combines electrical theory, a test light, and a voltmeter to troubleshoot vessel gauges and other critical circuits.

USCG License Workshops

  • OUPV Captain's Course and Testing: This kit comes with DVD training discs, study guides, a navigator's tool set, a full sized training chart, and plotting pencils.  Your purchase includes one year of access to online instruction, web-based narratives, interactive learning, and 24-7 access to online instructors.
  • 100-Ton Confidence (5 hours): This workshop offers five hours of one-on-one personalized tutoring with an instructor familiar with the 100-Ton tests and concepts. 

Other Workshops

  • Gill Net Construction (24 hours, weekends): In this workshop, you will construct your own gillnet from start to finish under the direction of master net-maker Shelly Eagle.
  • Net Mending (6 hours): In this workshop, techniques to mend gillnet, trawl, seine, and subsistence web will be taught.


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