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Captains License Programs and Renewals & FCC MROP Training and Testing in San Diego

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Zenith Maritime Institute San Diego provides training and certification for mariners who are seeking credentials to expand their careers on the water. Courses are available for those who are looking to obtain the captains license in order to start your own charter company or seeking work as a Able-Bodied Seaman on an ocean going containership. Day and night classes are available that work with your schedule.

Zenith Maritime has 98% pass rate offers classes from entry level Captain's Licenses to entry level merchant ship credentials. All classes are USCG approved and with four or more people you can create any class of your own.

Zenith also offers an assistance package to help mariners apply to the U.S. Coast Guard for their certificates. With decades of experience, Zenith Maritime also provides services for Yacht and or Boat Yard management.

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Training Programs

Captain's License

  • Master up to 100 ton/ O.U.P.V. Six-Pack: Master Licenses allow you to take an unlimited number of passengers on inspected vessels. They have tonnage limitations and are issued in 25 ton, 50 ton, 100 tons depending on your experience and sea time evaluation. A sailing endorsement is required for operation sailboats under a master license. Operator of an Uninspected Passenger Vessel (O.U.P.V. or 6 Pack) Licenses are Captain's Licenses that limit you to uninspected vessels with a maximum of 6 passengers. The Class is the same but your experience will dictate the license that you receive. Possible Employment opportunities include - Dive Boat Captain, Sport Fishing Captain, Ferryboat Captain and more.
  • Able-Bodied Seaman: The Rating of Able-Bodied Seaman dates back hundreds of years and is designed for those who already have at least 180 days of sea time. Able-Bodied Seamen work on commercial vessels from harbor cruises to oil tankers or car carriers. To obtain your certificate you must also complete a separate Lifeboatman class.
  • Master 100 Ton Renewal: Licenses must be renewed at least every 5 years with 360 days of sea time. This USCG approved course will provide instruction and exam for those who do not have the required sea time, but still wish to renew.
  • Master 100 Ton-200 Ton Upgrade: This course is for increasing tonnage from 100 ton to 200 ton where a test would be required.

FCC License

  • MROP: This course is designed to provide a mariner operating vessels greater than 300 tons with their required FCC license.

LAST UPDATED ON May 21, 2019