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Deck & Engineering Courses, Lower Tonnage Licenses, Boater Education Series, and Government Vessels Courses in San Diego, CA

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Training Resources, Maritime Institute (TRLMI) is a provider of professional maritime training and the training center is located in San Diego California. TRLMI provides deck and engineering professionals the required courses for initial endorsement and career enhancing upgrade training. For those seeking to enter the Merchant Marine for the first time, TRLMI provides the courses required to meet the minimum standards for entry into the industry and we are fully dedicated to providing each student with the tools needed to successfully achieve their career ambitions.

Training Resources Maritime Institute (TRLMI) is formed as a result of a merger between Training Resources Ltd Inc and Maritime Institute Inc. in June 2018. Training Resources Ltd Inc (TRL) has been a leader in the Maritime Training industry for over 20 years and Maritime Institute Inc. was founded in 1976 to serve the training needs of both professional and recreational mariners.

TRLMI’s Training Center, experienced instructors, and comprehensive courses, satisfy the U.S. Coast Guard, International Maritime Organization (IMO), and U.S. Navy requirements. The Training Center facilities include; Full Mission Ship Simulator, ECDIS, Radar, GMDSS, QMED support training shops, classrooms and more.

trmi campus

Training Programs

Deck Courses

  • Able Seafarer - Deck (AS-D) (40 hours)
  • Able Seaman (AB) (40 hours)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting (32 hours)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher (12 hours)
  • Advanced Fire Fighting Revalidation (8 hours)
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) (32 hours)
  • Basic Firefighting (16 hours)
  • Basic First Aid, CPR, and AED (8 hours)
  • Basic Training (BT) (40 hours)
  • Basic Training Refresher (BTR) (3 days)
  • Basic Training Revalidation (BTRV) (1 days)
  • Bridge Resource Management (BRM) (32 hours)
  • Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) (40 hours)
  • Global Maritime Distress Safety System (GMDSS) (80 hours)
  • Leadership and Managerial Skills (4 Days)
  • Leadership and Teamworking Skills (8 hours)
  • Medical First Aid Provider (MFP) (26 hours)
  • Personal Safety/ Social Responsibilities (4 hours)
  • Personal Survival (12 hours)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman) (30 hours)
  • Proficiency in Survival Craft (Lifeboatman) Refresher (2 days)
  • Radar Observer, Recertification (8 hours)
  • Radar Observer, Refresher (24 hours)
  • Radar Observer, Unlimited (40 hours)
  • Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch Assessments (RFPNW) (16 hours)
  • Tankship Dangerous Liquids (40 hours)
  • Vessel Personnel with Designated Security Duties (VPDSD) (8 hours)
  • Vessel Security Officer (VSO) (16 hours)
  • Visual Communications (Flashing Light) (2 hours)

Engineering Courses

  • Able Seafarer - Engine (AS-E) (40 hours)
  • Engine Resource Management (ERM) (4 days)
  • High Voltage Safety (40 hours)
  • Management of Electrical and Electronic Control Equipment (MEECE) (40 hours)
  • QMED - Pumpman / Machinist  (240 hours)
  • QMED Electrician / Refrigerating Engineer (120 hours)
  • QMED Fireman / Oiler / Watertender (160 hours)
  • QMED Junior Engineer (280 hours)
  • Rating Forming Part of a Engineering Watch Assessments (RFPEW) (40 hours)

Lower Tonnage Licenses

Boater Education Series

  • Diesel Engine Maintenance Course
  • Marine Electrical Systems Course
  • Outboard Motor Operation & Maintenance Course

Government Vessels Courses

  • Anti-Terrorism (2 hours)
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological Defense (CBRD) (8 hours)
  • Helicopter Fire Fighting (Helo FF) (4 hours)
  • Military Sealift Command Advanced Security Watch (8 hours)
  • Military Sealift Command Basic Security Watch (16 hours)
  • Military Sealift Command Environmental Protection Training (4 hours)
  • Military Sealift Command Readiness Refresher (DC, CBRD, Environmental, Helo FF & TIP) (24 hours)
  • Military Sealift Command Small Arms Training (SA) (4 days)
  • Ship’s Reaction Force Training (SRT) (24 hours)
  • Shipboard Damage Control (DC) (16 hours)
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape (SERE) (6 hours)