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STCW Basic Training & VSO, CSO, PFSO Courses, and Security Patrol Coxswain Course in San Diego CA

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Located in San Diego CA, Six Maritime is a maritime security and training company providing physical security, consulting, custom solutions such as fast boat & logistics boat, tactical and STCW training programs. Six Maritime provides maritime Security operative programs and the STCW training is provided in partnerships with Elkins Marine Training International.

Six Maritime also offers offering State of the art Simulator using Laser Shot Systems for Military and all Law Enforcement simulation technology and capability for close combat, domain battle in complex operational environments with cognitive decision making classroom and range course available. The training emphasizes the importance of reporting, emergency procedures, vessel hardening, citadel construction and crew preparedness.

Six Maritime receive students who qualify for Veterans Administration Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment benefits program as well. The training takes place in a military-style, team-building environment and graduates have access to the Six Maritime security contractor database and preferred contract placement.

six maritime training

Training Programs

Maritime Security & STCW Courses

  • STCW BST Training: Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) is the entry-level credential necessary to begin a fulfilling career on the high seas. This credential is internationally recognized by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the United States Coast Guard National Maritime Center. The components are - Basic Firefighting, Personal Survival, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, and Elementary First Aid.
  • Vessel/Company/Facility Security Officer (VSO, CSO, PFSO): Our International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) code course provides a comprehensive look at global maritime security and the U.S. adoption of ISPS code to develop the Maritime Transportation & Security Act (MTSA). The course combines four modules, including ISPS code, Vessel/Ship Security Officer, Company Security Officer, and Port Facility Security Officer. These elements provide the student with an exceptional working knowledge of international maritime security.
  • Security Patrol Coxswain Course: This course will provide the tools and basic knowledge to our graduating students enabling them to continue to develop their skills with time on the job by adhering to the lessons they learned during our instruction. While students will gain an intimate understanding of the types, tactics, techniques and procedures associated with waterborne patrolling activities, this course is not intended to produce expert waterborne patrolpersons within the one week of instruction.

Other Training Programs

  • Critical Training Laboratory
  • Tactical Weapon Courses
  • Tactical Mindset