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Selling your job to eligible candidates is not an easy task. Today, candidates have access to all the information they require about a company and they utilize it to short list their preferred organization. Therefore it is very important to write a brief but compelling advertisement just like any other product or service.

Here we are listing some very important tips and tricks to write a good job advertisement copy for you to succeed in recruiting online and get hold of the right talent you are looking for.

1. Plan, Plan, and Plan

This part is your initial step to gather all information on a job.

  • Exact job title
  • Job description
  • Duties involved
  • Requirements such as character traits
  • Education and other technical requirements or certifications
  • Experience
  • Other information such as job location, travel required, job type such as full time etc
  • Benefits (salary, perks etc)

2. Job posting title

Posting job online mean that you are competing with thousands similar titles and narration. It is always advantageous to get to the top of the search engine pages by writing a good job posting title. Keywords should be added to the title to make search engines to push your jobs up. A simple title like “Marine Engineer - Florida” may not give you that edge. A better one could be “Marine Engineer with Dynamic Positioning Experience in Florida”. Here you mention your main job requirement with job title and location. Be short, precise and add few key words such as “Dynamic Positioning” “Experience” which looks natural as well. Also never use short titles such as “Sr." instead of “Senior” and don’t use any non-traditional titles like “Rock Star Logistician Required for a Seven Star Company”.

3. Job Description and Requirements

Now we come to the body of the advertisement where you explain the job in detail. Here you can break the body into small sections such as:

  • Introduction or Overview (Short intro)
  • Details of the job (One paragraph details)
  • Job Description
  • Requirements (sub sections could be Absolute Requirements and Desirable Requirements)

4. Why this opportunity is good

Give them few reasons why the candidate will like the company. You could begin with company introduction and add few sentences corporate beliefs and policies and could also include advancement opportunities, training, work environment, fun or formal atmosphere etc.

5. Benefits

This section may include Salary, other benefits such as pension, child care allowance etc. Here you show the employee that the company cares. Highlight great perks. You may also use statements like “attractive benefits” competitive pay,” “salary negotiable” or “compensation commensurate with experience.” Instead of listing the entire benefits which may not suit your company.

6. Call to Action Sentence & Words

Write a short sentence for the candidate to apply for the position NOW! Here you will mention exactly how to apply to the position (A link, email address or a phone number – Remember, giving a link to apply is much more productive than using traditional channels like email or phone/fax)

More Tips

  • Use normal and simple language - Use industry/technical jargons and abbreviations judiciously and wisely..
  • Use bullets - Highlight your points (point by pont)...
  • Proofread -This is very important. Leave out that typo and grammatical errors. You know why...
  • Post your job under multiple categories if possible - For example, many logistics functions overlaps with maritime or shipping as a category. This will give you more visibility...
  • Avoid ALL CAPS if possible, and uses of other symbols like !, $,&.* etc. - Remember, plain and simple. Dont be spammy...
  • Aim for maximum of 60-70 characters for titles - Important for both search engine and human being!
  • Research how others are doing it - Be competitive...
  • Be good – Don’t use discriminating explanations, phrases or words race and age. Be neutral and non-offensive. If you have to mention nationality or age, be considerate and explain the reason logically. Include those extra sentences...

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