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USCG Approved Merchant Marine Credential Training Programs in Washington Street, Portland OR

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Columbia Pacific Maritime (CPM) is a US Coast Guard approved school in NE Portland, Oregon. The instructor is a professional mariner with 40 years of commercial sailing experience and 20 years of experience teaching US Coast Guard approved courses to adult learners.

All of the classes offered are US Coast Guard approved for meeting the exam requirements of the MMC endorsement and l classes are taught over consecutive days and are limited to six students. Small classes allow for personal attention in difficult subjects. A Merchant Mariner Credential is a Passport style book issued by the US Coast Guard to mariners that contains the mariner's professional credentials. These credentials are issued as three types of endorsements; Officer Endorsements, Rating Endorsements, and STCW Endorsements.

cpm campus

USCG Captain's License & Endorsements

Training Programs

USCG License Programs

  • OUPV (6-pack) Inland or Near Coastal
  • Master 25 to 100-ton Inland or Near Coastal
  • Master or Mate 200-ton Inland or Near Coastal
  • Apprentice Mate (steersman) Towing Inland or NC
  • Master or Mate of Fishing Vessel Near Coastal
  • Able Seaman (Any AB rating)
  • 500/1600-ton Inland License Prep (Test at REC)

Radar Observer Courses

  • Radar Observer Unlimited
  • Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)
  • Combined Radar Observer Unlimited and ARPA
  • Radar Recertification (Renew any Radar Observer)

License Upgrade Courses

  • Upgrade OUPV to Master 25 to 100-ton
  • Upgrade Master 100-ton to Master / Mate 200-ton
  • Upgrade OUPV Inland to Near Coastal
  • Upgrade Master 200-ton or less Inland to NC
  • Celestial Navigation (200-ton) NC to Oceans

License Add-on Courses

  • Apprentice Mate (steersman) of Towing Vessels
  • Master / Mate of Fishing Industry Vessels
  • Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement
  • Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement

License Refresher and Renewal Courses

  • Radar Recertification (Renew any Radar Observer)
  • License Refresher (Renew OUPV / Master 100/200)

LAST UPDATED ON July 19, 2018