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Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, Ports and Maritime Transportation, and Hydrographic Survey Degree and Training Programs in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

king abdul aziz university

Established in 1967, King Abdulaziz University (KAU) is a public, multi-campus university in Saudi Arabia and ranked #1 Arab university by Times Higher Education in 2021. King Abdulaziz University has been placed in the top 200 universities in the world by major ranking tables. The University has over 37 international accreditations to its programs from leading global bodies.

The main campus is in Jeddah with campuses in the cities of Tabuk, Rabigh, Al-Kamel, and Khulays, and four campuses in Jeddah. The Jeddah main campus is on the eastside of the downtown district, and the campus covers 850 hectares.

The university also has many unique specializations that are unavailable in other Saudi Universities such as Marine Science; Meteorology and Arid Land Agriculture; Earth Science; Nuclear Engineering; Aeronautical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Astronomy.

Faculty of Maritime Studies departments include - Hydrographic Surveying; Nautical Science; Ports and Maritime Transportation; and Marine Engineering.

king abdul aziz university campus

Academic & Training Programs

Nautical Science Programs

  • This department aims to graduate students who are able to apply the basics of traffic navigational systems, arts of maritime navigation and its duties, knowledge of the validity of ships and its leadership, the safety of crew, passenger and cargo, and the laws of maritime transport and environmental protection. Programs include - 
  • Degrees & Certificates - Nautical Science
  • Bachelor Degree or Diploma in Nautical Science
  • Certificate of Competency For an Officer of the Watch (2nd Officer) (In accordance with the Ministry of Transportation)
  • Masters or Higher Diploma in Nautical Science
  • Qualification Certificates for 1st Officer and Master of the Ship (in the long-term plan)

Marine Engineering Programs

  • This department aims to graduate students who are able to carry out operation, maintenance and repair of marine equipment on board ships, in shipping companies, drydocks, shipbuilding and repairing companies, and shipyards. Programs incude - 
  • Degrees & Certificates - Marine Engineering
  • Bachelor Degree or Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Certificate of Competency for An Officer of The Watch (3rd Engineer) (In accordance with the Ministry of Transportation)
  • Masters or Higher Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • Qualifying Certificates For 2nd Engineer and Chief Engineer (In the long-term plan)

Ports and Maritime Transportation Programs

  • This department aims to graduate students that master the fundamentals of: management, operation and planning of ports, maritime surveillance systems onboard ships, in seas and on coasts, rules, regulations and procedures of navigation, transportation, freight and marine insurance, economics of ports and maritime transport and basics of logistics. Programs include - 
  • Degrees & Certificates - Ports and Maritime Transportation
  • Bachelor Degree or Diploma in Ports and Maritime Transportation
  • Masters or Higher Diploma in Marine and Port Insurance - Foreign Commerce - Maritime Transportation

Hydrographic Survey Programs

  • This department aims to graduate students who are familiar with: methods of marine data and information collection and their analysis and management systems, the basics of hydrographic survey and the ability to determine depths and locations, methods of creation of nautical and hydrographic charts, and to contribute in protecting the environment. Programs include - 
  • Degrees & Certificates - Hydrographic Survey
  • Bachelor Degree or Diploma in Hydrographic Survey
  • Masters or higher diploma in hydrographic survey-charts design

Last Updated: July 1, 2021