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Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong (CILTHK) - PQE Programs

Transport & Logistics Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE) at CILT Hong Kong


The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong (CILTHK) is the professional body for those engaged in various sectors of transport and logistics, including air, sea and land, for both passengers and freight transportation. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) was formed in the United Kingdom.

The Institute first set up the Hong Kong Branch in 1968 the HK Section was upgraded to National Council status and renamed as the Chartered Institute of Transport in Hong Kong (CITHK). This change gave CITHK the authority to handle all institute matters independently. The membership of CILTHK is now around 1,900 and broadly ranges from experienced senior managers to junior staff in the industries of shipping, logistics, airline, railway, road, public transport, government, educational institutes and consultancy.

In view of the high academic standard of the Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE), it is envisaged that most of the candidates should be at least Student members of CILTHK. If the candidate is not currently a Student member, he or she must be a Member (MILT) or an Affiliate member before he or she is qualified to take the examination. Furthermore, the examination also provides the chance for Chartered Members (CMILTs) to enrich their logistics and transport knowledge.

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CILT Certification Program

Professional Qualifying Examination (PQE)

  • The structure of the PQE is divided into two levels, which cover 12 subjects. A candidate can attempt any number of subjects at either Ordinary Level or Advanced Level. To meeting the academic requirement for being a Chartered Member (CMILT), candidate will need to successfully complete (and/or be exempted for) the Ordinary Level subjects plus subjects at either Transport or Logistics stream at the Advanced Level.
  • The standard expected for exemptions to the Qualifying Examination of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong is that of an honours degree level. Many programs of the universities in Hong Kong are eligible for the certification without PQE.

Ordinary Level

  • Business Environment for Transport and Logistics
  • Financial Management and Reporting for Transport and Logistics
  • Marketing and Service Management
  • Management and Decision Making

Transport Management Stream - Advanced Level           

  • Law of Business and Carriage
  • Transport Systems and Management
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Transport Policy and Planning

Logistics Management Stream - Advanced Level              

  • Law of Business and Carriage
  • Global Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Warehousing and Materials Handling

Last update: Mar 23, 2021