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Hong Kong Logistics Association (HKLA) - Logistics Certifications & Training

China Logistician Examination (CLE) and HKLA Seminars & Training Courses in Hong Kong

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Founded in 1996, Hong Kong Logistics Association (HKLA) is an association of logistics industry and promotes logistics and supply chain management in Hong Kong. The members include logistics service providers, trading firms, manufacturers, scholars, and professionals involved in activities such as warehousing, freight transportation, physical distribution, procurement, materials management, and customer services.

Since its founding, HKLA has put efforts on promoting Modern Logistics, which involves warehousing, freight transportation, inventory management, packaging, order processing, customer service and material handling management. Moreover, there is more application of information technology in order to increase the efficiency so as to lower the running cost for value added solution services.

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Training Programs

China Logistician Examination (CLE)

  • The examination follows the national occupational standards of "Logistician" and recognized in The People's Republic of China
  • Exam Content has two levels: Junior Logistician - focus on basic concept and knowledge and Logistician - focus on basic concept and knowledge as well as analysis.
  • Format: There are objective and subject question types, of which weighted about 50% each。Objective Questions include multiple choices, true or false (or namely judgment question) while Subjective Questions are mainly short questions, discussion questions, calculation questions, case studies, etc.

HKLA Seminars & Training Courses

  • Case Studies in Supply Chain Management
  • How Supply Chain is affected by IT, Quality, Regulatory and Finance
  • Operations Management Techniques for SME Logistics Firm - Turning Strategies into Actions
  • Third Party Logistics Costing & Pricing Workshop-Part I
  • Third Party Logistics Costing & Pricing Workshop-Part II
  • Directors' Duties and Responsibilities under New Company Ordinance 
  • Plus more..