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Yacht Design, Composite Boat Building, Wooden Boat Building & Marine Systems Technical Diploma & Degree Programs in Arundel, Maine

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The Landing School is a community technical college located in Arudel, ME and provides educational programs that effectively prepare students for entry-level careers in the marine industry. The school is voted #1 community college in Maine in 2016. The Landing School was established in 1978 by John Burgess and Helen Tupper as a nonprofit, post-secondary institution dedicated to providing the highest quality hands-on education in boatbuilding. 

The School serves the marine industry by providing skilled employees who design, build and repair boats with the highest standards of quality. Accordingly, The School receives generous support and direction from the industry in curriculum design and program implementation. Noted industry leaders regularly lecture at The School and evaluate student work.

The Landing School offers four unique education and training options designed to prepare students for careers in the marine industry. Each program option is a comprehensive, full-time course that lasts runs from September to June. Successful completion of any one program below culminates in a certificate. Students may choose to complete two of the programs over two years and earn an associate's degree. The educational programs are identical; students in both the diploma and degree programs study and work together.

In addition to ACCSC accredited Programs leading to a diploma or a degree, The Landing School also offers short vocational and avocational short-courses in marine industry topics. These courses range from several days to many weeks and are taught by Landing School faculty and industry experts.

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Education & Training Programs

Landing School Programs

  • Yacht Design: In The Landing School Yacht Design Program, you’ll obtain the knowledge and skills that will enable you to craft some of the finest boats in the world. Yacht Designers are involved in the design, construction, and maintenance of boats and related equipment. Careers for Yacht Designers include finding a position with a yacht design firm or becoming self-employed. Other areas that a Yacht Designer may work in include vessel safety, technical consultancy and design of fast ships, workboats and powerboats. Students who graduate with a diploma or degree in Yacht Design may find a career in Yacht Design or in an alternative such as - 3D modeling, Yacht crew, Component design, Racing yacht design, Project manager, Technical sales, Sail making/design, and Teacher etc.
  • Wooden Boat Building: Students rely upon and interpret plans created by yacht designers, work with wood and composite materials to build boats and install marine electrical and propulsion systems. It is a powerful stand-alone diploma program, and a springboard from which to explore in depth other program areas offered at the School. Students who graduate with a diploma or degree in Wooden Boat Building may find a career in Wooden Boat Building or in an alternative such as - Boat crew, Technical/lumber sales, Writer, Boat restorer, Musical instrument design, Teacher, Cabinet and furniture construction, and Interior/Exterior/Finish Boat Builder etc.
  • Composite Boat Building: The Composite Boat Building program is a highly structured curriculum that prepares individuals for the real world demands of manufacturing composite material and products for the marine industry. Students who graduate with a diploma or degree in Composite Boat Building may find a career in Composite Boat Building or in an alternative field such as - Aeronautic construction, Auto racing crew, Building architecture, Racing yacht construction, Rigging design, and Sports equipment design etc. {modal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xI5kv1VGjl8}Video - The Landing School - Composite Boat Building{/modal}
  • Marine Systems: Professionals in Marine Systems keep every kind of seafaring vessel running, from an outboard powered skiff to a nuclear submarine. By the time you finish your studies at The Landing School you will be prepared to enter the workforce ready on day one to work on common marine systems and well prepared for a career of lifelong learning. Students who graduate with a diploma or degree in Marine Systems may find a career in Marine Systems or in an alternative such as - Auto repair, Ship Engineer, Component design, HVAC technician, Yard manager, Yacht crew, Systems design, Technical sales, and Wind turbine technician etc.

Diploma & Degree Options

  • One-Year Diploma: A diploma program typically requires two academic semesters (8 months) to complete and does not require the student to take extra general education courses. A student who successfully completes a diploma program and meets all criteria for graduation is awarded a diploma in his or her specific program. Students will choose one of four programs to complete in eight months.
  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Marine Industry Technology (MIT): This degree provides a broad, yet strong, foundation in the marine industry as a whole. Graduates of the Associate’s degree program have a wider range of professional opportunities and a better understanding of the business practices behind the marine industry. Students who wish to pursue this degree will choose two (2) one-year technical programs to complete for the Associates Degree.
  • Bachelor’s Degree Options: The Landing School has partnerships with several universities in order to provide our graduates with Bachelor's degree options. The Yacht Design Program at The Landing School is part of an articulation agreement with Southampton Solent University in the United Kingdom. The Landing School and Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) have signed a transfer agreement that provides a seamless pathway for any Landing School associate degree graduate to complete SNHU’s Bachelor of Science in Technical Management.
  • Associated Degree in Collaboration with Maine Maritime Academy (MMA): AS Degree in Small Craft Design (SCD) / AS Degree in Small Craft Systems (SCS) -  The Small Craft Design & Small Craft Systems programs are offered jointly by MMA and the Landing School. Read more at MMA section.

Short Courses

  • Marine Surveying (21 days): Course topics include - enterprise awareness, destructive and non-destructive surveying techniques, professional report writing. Includes field training, labs, and guest presentations by industry leaders on the latest products and techniques.
  • Captains Course: Each spring The Landing School offers a Captains course for students and community members.
  • Boot Camps: The Landing School offers summer boot camps that consist of one-to-several days of intensive study on topics such as DC electrical systems, wooden boatbuilding and other specific marine industry topic.

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