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Maritime NZ Integrated Rating (IR) Certificate of Proficiency (MNZ SeaCert & STCW) Requirements for New Zealand Seafarers

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The Integrated Rating (IR) certificate corresponds with certificates issued under regulations II/5 and III/5 of the International Convention on the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended in 2010 (STCW). With this certificate, you can perform the functions and duties of - deck crew member on ships of any gross tonnage in any operating area or crew member in a manned engine room or periodically unmanned engine room on passenger or non-passenger ships of any propulsion power in any operating area.

As the IR certificate requires you to have your Able Seafarer Deck (AB Deck) and Able Seafarer Engine (AB Engine) certificates and associated ancillaries, no additional training, sea service or examination are required. From IR, you can progress to Watchkeeper Deck and Marine Engineer Class 3 (MEC 3).

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MNZ NZ Integrated Rating (IR) General Requirements

  • Medically fit and have good eyesight
  • Good character and a fit and proper person
  • Must have met the requirements for AB Deck and AB Engine certificates of competency
  • Must have the required ancillary certificates

MNZ Integrated Rating (IR) Requirements

MNZ Integrated Rating (IR) Prior Certification Requirements

  • You must hold current certificates of proficiency for both AB Deck and AB Engine.

MNZ Integrated Rating (IR) Sea Service Requirements

  • There are no additional requirements for sea service, training or examination, as these requirements will have been met for the AB Deck and AB Engine certificates.

MNZ Integrated Rating (IR) Ancillary Certificates 

mnz intgrated rating ancillary certificates
Table: Maritime NZ Integrated Rating Ancillary Certificate Requirements - Credits: MNZ

  • MNZ strongly recommends that you also get an ancillary certificate for proficiency in security awareness training (STCW A-VI/6-1.1). This certificate is needed if you wish to work on any ship that the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code applies to.

Disclaimer: For general information purpose - please check with Maritime NZ for the latest requirements and accurate info

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