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Education at Sea Opportunities (Engineer, Officer & Shipmester) For Danish Speaking Candidates and; Career Opportunities for Experienced Officers Worldwide


Founded in 1889, TORM is the world’s premier carrier of refined oil products such as gasoline, jet fuel, naphtha and diesel oil. With vessels varying in size from 37,000 to 110,000 dwt., TORM controls a fleet of approximately 121 product tankers with an average age of less than 5 years. TORM has worldwide representation and five international subsidiaries with local support throughout the year.

TORM also has a long and profitable track record as tonnage provider in the bulk segment. Another division of the company is Shipowning and S&P which is responsible for the tonnage procurement in the areas of Newbuildings, Sale & Purchase (S&P), and Projects. The Technical Division of TORM is responsible for the Crewing, Newbuilding, Purchasing, Safety & Quality and Environment functions.

TORM enjoys an open, informal and international working atmosphere and, provides an environment that encourages professional and personal development and gives room for ambitions. The TORM Leadership Philosophy has three dimensions; Performance, Relations and Personal Leadership, all with described associated behaviors.

TORM Career Opportunities

Education at Sea Opportunities

TORM offers training courses for Master Engineer Candidates; Ship’s Officer Candidates; and, Shipmaster Candidates. The education consists of a theoretical and a practical course and you will receive pay during the practical course. Also, TORM will pay for your course books, work clothes and the like. During the practical period; you will take part in the ship’s daily operations. This means that you will quickly assume responsibilities on board.

Eligibility: You must be able to speak and write Danish fluently. Good mathematics skills and an academic mindset are a must. For the Master Engineer course (Professional BA), you must have completed your high school education, or appropriate vocational training with a supplementary course. For the Ship’s Officer course (Professional BA), you must have completed your high school education, or appropriate vocational training with a supplementary course. For the Shipmaster course and for more information on all courses, please visit www.fuldskruefrem.dk, www.simac.dk or www.marnav.dk for further details of admission requirements.

Career for Experienced Officers

Senior officers must have a maritime trading certificate for vessels over 3,000 BT / 3,000 KW and, as a minimum, a Certificate for the Management of Operations on Oil Tankers. Officers should ideally have dual competencies. These vacancies are open worldwide.

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