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Maritime Academy Graduate Program & Career Opportunities for Entry Level Deckhand; Licensed Captains, Pilots, Tankermen; Shore Tankermen and In-Plant Operators


Kirby Inland Marine operates the largest fleet of inland tank barges and towing vessels in US. Kirby's service area spans the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, the Mississippi River System, the Illinois River, the Ohio River and numerous other waterways.

Petrochemicals, refined products, black oil products, and pressurized products are transported efficiently and safely from producers to intermediaries to end users. Kirby Inland Marine operates 887 active inland tank barges, 161 active towing vessels and five fleets and employs 1,530 mariners with over 1000 being on a boat at any given time.

Kirby training programs are unique in the industry. In an effort to curb an industry-wide employee shortage, Kirby instituted the Kirby (Mate) Pilot Program which walks its own Tankermen through the process of attaining his or her Master's License in the shortest amount of time. Also, Kirby began to incorporate graduates of maritime academies in its Pilot Program.

Kirby Inland Career Opportunities

  • Entry Level Deckhand: A Deckhand position is the starting point for vessel careers with Kirby. No maritime experience is required, only a good work ethic and the willingness to learn. Kirby's in-house training center gives you a solid foundation providing you with the basic knowledge and skills needed to be successful on a towboat.
  • Licensed Captains, Pilots, Tankermen: Captains and other wheelmen navigate the vessel in a safe manner, ensuring that proper safety regulations are followed. Applicant must hold a Master of Towing Vessels/Mate of Towing Vessel or Master of 200 Gross Tons or more with a towing vessels endorsement. As a tankerman PIC (Person In Charge), you are responsible for prepping barges and transferring chemicals necessary for daily living. Applicant must hold a Merchant Mariner's Document (MMD), otherwise known as a Tankerman's Ticket. If you don't hold an MMD, read more about the tankerman trainee training program below.
  • Kirby’s Maritime Academy Graduate/Officer of a Towing Vessel Program (MOTV): MOTV offers an opportunity for maritime graduates with little or no experience to be hired as a license steersman to learn the necessary skills to pilot a towing vessel and tow upon the Inland Waters and Western Rivers. Upon completion of the program, candidates will be promoted to a watch-standing pilot position. Requirements: Hold a valid US Coast Guard license as a 3rd Mate (Oceans); Mate(Pilot) Towing Vessel or Master/Mate 500 GT or Greater; Hold and maintain a valid STCW Certificate; Radar Observer, Unlimited; Hold a valid MMD endorsement as a Able Seaman (AB); and Graduated from an accredited US Maritime Academy.

KIRBY Group Companies

Kirby Offshore Marine Career Opportunities

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Kirby Offshore Marine, headquartered in State Island, NY, is a leading provider of marine transportation, distribution, and logistics services in the US. Kirby Offshore offers exciting career opportunities and are committed to providing a safe, comfortable, and productive work environment. The company offers: Excellent compensation; Equal time rotation; Excellent medical dental and vision benefits; 401(k); Paid training; and, Career advancement opportunities.

Kirby Logistics Management Career Opportunities


Kirby Logistics Management (KLM) provides shore manpower for the refining, chemical, liquid tank terminal and marine transportation industries in these primary functions: Shore Tankermen and In-Plant Operators. No refinery specific experience is required for entry level positions, only a good work ethic and the willingness to learn. Kirby's in-house training center provides you with the knowledge and skills needed.

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