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Ship Construction, Repair, & Design Project, and Other Related Management Courses & Papers from Fisher Maritime

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Providing maritime project training since 1988 and located at Florham Park NJ, Fisher Maritime Consulting Group offers a wide variety of services to the marine, shipyard, and offshore sectors geared toward the resolution of technical, cost and schedule issues associated with construction and repair disputes. Fisher maritime’s project training programs approach the issue of ship repair, construction and design using a ‘lessons learned approach’ gained from over thirty years of experience in the industry.

Participation in these training programs gives the attendees wider, practical perspectives and exposing them to many lessons learned by others. These programs are also offered custom tailored to a particular organization. The company also provides attorneys, consultants, ship owners and shipyards with technical analyses, expert testimony, and support for mediation, arbitration, and litigation.

Fisher Maritime also publishes books and papers providing insights into subjects relevant to the marine industry.

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Certification & Training Programs

Ship Project Management Programs

  • Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair, & Design (3 days): Fisher Maritime's Contract Management for Ship Construction, Repair, & Design is a lessons-learned course geared to those involved in vessel construction, repair, and design. Instead of a theoretical course on contract management, the program is based upon the ‘scar tissue’ from marine contractual disasters. The program is designed for - project managers who handle day-to-day relations with the other party, persons who form contracts, and senior managers who monitor contract-related resources/cash flow.
  • Port Engineer's & Owner's Representative's Course (3 days): Fisher Maritime's Port Engineer's & Owner's Representative's Course is a lessons-learned course designed for the ship-owners personnel to help assure ship-owners receive the maximum value for money spent in ship construction, repair, and conversion contracts. The program is designed for personnel who - prepare specifications, accompany the ship to the shipyard, and arrange for new/growth/change work during contract performance.
  • Shipyard Management of the Customer & Contract Course (2 days): This course is a lessons-learned, custom-designed program for shipyard personnel and subcontractors to shipyards. The topics of discussion have been selected from common sources of shipyard errors, disagreements or disputes analyzed in numerous prior contracts. The lessons learned by others through their mistakes are used to create positive, problem-avoidance practices for shipyard personnel. The result for the shipyard is an enhanced ability to identify costs which are the Owner's responsibility and sell them to the Owner instead of absorbing those costs.

Fisher Maritime Shipyard Project Management Papers