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Online, Home Study Courses & Seminar Programs in Shipbroking, Chartering, Maritime Law & Commercial Trade in New Jersey & Online

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Established in 1934 and based in Englewood Cliffs NJ, Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (ASBA) is an independent membership trade association of Ship Brokers, Agents and Affiliates with offices in the United States and Canada. The Company Membership is restricted to business establishments that are actively and regularly engaged in business as ship brokers or agents operating in the United States or Canada for at least one year.

ASBA Agent Members approved has Guidelines for Certification to raise the bar for Agency providers in the United States. Member agents have up to 6 months to complete their certification following their conditional approval for membership. ASBA has also has an Young Ship Brokers & Agents (YSBA) to bring together a new generation of young professionals of companies in the maritime industry currently operating in the U.S. and Canada.

ASBA offers distance learning courses course and live seminars designed to give participants in the maritime field a broad and comprehensive understanding of sectors of the industry.

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Education & Training Programs

ASBA Diploma Programs (Online with Classroom Training)

  • Diploma with Concentration in Chartering: It includes following certificate and seminar programs - Basic Principles of Chartering (Home Study) or Shipbroking & Chartered Vessel, Operations (Distance Learning), Maritime Law for Ship Brokers & Agents (Distance Learning), Commercial Trade Transactions (Distance Learning), One of the following Live Seminars - Business of Shipping I or Business of Shipping II.
  • Diploma with Concentration in Ship Agency: Basic Principles of Chartering (Home Study) or Shipbroking & Chartered Vessel, Operations (Distance Learning), Agency (Live Seminar or Webinar), Commercial Trade Transactions (Distance Learning). One of the following - Business of Shipping I (Live Seminar) or Business of Shipping II (Live Seminar) or Maritime Law for Ship Brokers & Agents (Distance Learning).

ASBA Certificate Courses (Online & Home Study)

  • Basic Principles of Chartering (Home Study): The Home Study course is designed for vessel owners or operators, importers, exporters, agents, brokers or traders who require an overview of the chartering field.  Accountants, lawyers, consultants, and students have traditionally enrolled in the course to aid them in their related work. 
  • Shipbroking and Chartered Vessel Operations (Online - 24 weeks): The Maritime field is extremely broad and brings about relationships with a variety of people with varying levels of experience from the many different aspects of shipping. As you will see from the course outline these many aspects of shipping are presented in logical format. Through the lectures, questions and discussions you will prepare yourself or enhance your existing knowledge base for work in chartering or chartered vessel operations.
  • Basic Principles of Maritime Law for Ship Brokers and Agents (Online - 12 weeks): This distance learning/internet based course provides an introduction to aspects of maritime law of particular interest to the ship broker and/or agent. The better understanding of relevant aspects of maritime law will enable you to more profitably service your principals.
  • Commercial Trade Transactions (Online - 10 weeks): Commercial Trade Transactions is a course to assist the Maritime Profession in the understanding of the fundamentals of their business, specifically the risks associated with international trade. This course will also present a diverse range of real life trade transaction problems for discussion and review.
  • Topics in Ship’s Agency (Online Course)

ASBA Seminars & Webinars

  • Business of Shipping Intensive I (2 days): This two-day ASBA course is a comprehensive survey of the business of shipping. It is designed for those with modest shipping business experience. Those who are seeking an intensive overview of practical day to day aspects of shipping and trade will benefit from this course.
  • Business of Shipping Intensive II (2 days): This course will not cover c/p specific form rather it will be focused on very recent arbitration and court decisions covering both wet and dry market.  Also note that the discussion will also include information that obtained from interviews from wet/dry professionals.
  • Agency Seminar (1 day - Classroom or Webinar): Topics include - Contracts of Carriage, Principal/Agency Relationship, Statement of Facts Bill of Lading, Bills of Lading Special Considerations, and Ethics.
  • Marine Insurance (2 days): This ASBA intensive will cover key aspects of hull and machinery, protection and indemnity, cargo, and charterer’s liability insurance. Students will review standard forms of marine insurance policies and related insurance documents. There will be reference to case studies that affected policy interpretation and marine insurance practice. Numerous handouts will be distributed providing further reading for discussion.