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STCW-F Chapter III Basic Safety Training for All Personnel on Fishing Vessels

fishing safety training

STCW-F Chapter III Regulation 1 - Basic Safety Training for Fishing Vessel Personnel

Regulation 1. Basic safety training for all fishing vessel personnel


  1. Fishing vessel personnel shall, before being assigned to any shipboard duties, receive basic training approved by the Administration in the following areas:
    1. personal survival techniques including donning of lifejackets and, as appropriate, immersion suits;
    2. fire prevention and firefighting;
    3. emergency procedures;
    4. elementary first aid;
    5. prevention of marine pollution; and
    6. prevention of shipboard accidents.
  2. In implementing the provisions of paragraph 1, the Administration shall determine whether and, if so to what extent, these provisions shall apply to personnel of small fishing vessels or personnel already employed on fishing vessels.

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LAST UPDATED ON Aug 12, 2021