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High-Speed Craft Training Camps, Specialist Marine Training Programs, Engine Maintenance and Vessel Specific Training Worldwide

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Located at Heberg in Sweden Spectre Marine is specialized in planning and conducting custom made training programs within maritime related topics. The company conduct highly advanced training in several regions and countries globally. Spectre Marine offers a broad range of high-speed craft training at sea and related applications such as realistic exercises with helicopters and the repair and maintenance of engines and more

Spectre Marine’s training programs are always adapted to customer needs and operational requirements. All exercises are based on real-life scenarios with the main focus on practical training. Enhanced operational capacity and endurance of units Safety and confidence of personnel, enhanced life cycle of boat and on-board equipment Reduced warranty-related issues, and reduced total cost of ownership are some of the advantages of Spectre Marine’s training.

They arrange high-speed craft, helicopters and drones etc. to the extent necessary for realistic, practical exercises. The international interest shown in Spectre Marine’s range of training continues to grow and we have carried out assignments in a number of countries in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

In order to offer outstanding conditions, Spectre Marine has two fixed training camps, selected on the basis of the areas’ unique training settings; the island of Tjörn off the west coast of Sweden and Java in Indonesia.

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Training Programs

High-Speed Craft Training Camps

  • Camp Sweden: The Swedish west coast frequently offers tough, windy cold weather. The winters are dark and conditions at sea often difficult. What’s more, Tjörn is part of an archipelago in an area with a great deal of shipping and leisure traffic. These circumstances demand high standards of navigation at high speed.
  • Camp Indonesia: The waters off of Java are extreme, with enormous differences in depth. This creates extraordinary conditions with unusual currents and waves. The surroundings also provide training areas that are truly challenging.

Specialist Marine Training Programs

  • Stealth Mode Navigation: They will teach you techniques used by the Swedish Amphibious Forces, developed over almost two decades based on the need of stealth advancement of small high-speed craft in narrow waters. Training program include - Sound reduction, currents/wind & engine usage; Assault Navigation; Stealth drive - light emission; Interception tactics; ADV Radar; Sonar system; and Silhouette navigation; communication methodology etc.
  • Dynamic Navigation: This is a qualified practical training program in navigation methods and helmsmanship. This course is aimed primarily at sea rescue services and commercial units seeking to train and specialize their crews.
  • Interception and Boarding at Sea: The training will provide live Operational Boarding teams with guidelines for the training, organization, equipment and preparations required for all Boarding Operations, to meet the demands of National Security policy. All teams should be prepared for any level of Boarding Operation at any given time.
  • Familiarization Training Course: Spectre will provide you with expertise needed to understand the life cycle of the vessel, total life cycle costs and how to minimize operational risks for personnel. All of the above-mentioned aspects are crucial when procuring new vessels or retro-fitting already existing vessels for professional users.
  • Marine and Small Engine Repair Programs: The marine and small engine repair programs provide training and hands-on experience with inboard, outboard and small engines. You learn how to perform various maintenance and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Shipboard Launch and Recovery: Launch and Recovery boat operations are among the most dangerous activities conducted in the open sea. Many boat mishaps occur during the launch or recovery phase. Mishaps have caused serious injuries to boat crew personnel and members of the boat launch and recovery detail. These mishaps have cost the operating companies thousands of dollars in repairs and man hours.
  • Sea-To-Air Operation: The Sea-to-Air Operations course is based on the interaction between the HSC crew and the helicopter crew. You will learn to communicate effectively and develop your skills and ability to perform different missions including roping, rescuing people in the water and searching for vessels.
  • Drone from Boat Operations: The unmanned aircraft systems operations curriculum is offered to professionals whose career objectives are aimed at the civil or military unmanned aircraft systems industry.
  • Search and Rescue: The overall aim of this advanced course is to teach safe navigation and high-speed operations in difficult conditions such as darkness and/or low visibility.

Maritime & Offshore Training

  • STCW Basic Safety Training
  • STCW Coxswain on Fast Rescue Boats
  • Maritime Security Awareness (IMO Model 3.27)
  • Small Ships Navigation and Radar Course (SSNR)
  • Surviving Piracy and Armed Robbery (SPAR)

Other Training Programs

  • General Engineering – Marine standard systems
  • How to apply technical troubleshooting methods
  • Driveline and propulsion systems
  • Man oeuvre and trim systems
  • Electric power supply and distribution systems
  • Bilge systems
  • Hull repair / GRP / Hypalon techniques
  • Operational safety
  • Driveline and propulsion
  • Specific troubleshooting
  • Hydraulics
  • Preventing malfunction. How to operate your system correctly.