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Courses and Webinars in Safety Management & Marine Insurance Online & Onsite Worldwide

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Established in 1872 and headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, The Swedish Club provides marine insurance solutions and services for the members and contribute towards an enhanced marine safety culture. Also, the Swedish Club is a leading marine mutual insurer. T

The club members make up an international community of front-rank shipowners and the membership of The Swedish Club is a real community, actively engaged in sharing operational experience in the crucial areas of safety and loss prevention. In these and other areas, the Club acts as a facilitator, coordinating initiatives that benefit all members.

The Swedish Club Academy specializes in human factors training and related services for all clients who have marine safety, efficiency and job satisfaction as their main priorities. The training programs are provided in more than 35 countries often by licensed training providers.

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Training Programs

Safety Management Programs

  • Maritime Resource Management (MRM): The MRM course meets and exceeds the STCW requirements for BRM and ERM and has been certified by the Maritime Department of the Swedish Transport Agency. The MRM course is designed to minimize the risk of incidents by encouraging safe and responsible behavior. MRM is ideal for deck and engineering officers, maritime pilots and shore-based personnel. The objective is to ensure that everyday operations are supported by sound resource management. The course is based on CBT modules and discussions. Exceeds the standards of the following STCW tables -

    • Table A-II/1 (Bridge resource management and application of leadership and teamworking skills)
    • Table A-II/2 (Use of leadership and managerial skills)
    • Table A-III/1 (Engine-room resource management and application of leadership and teamworking skills)
    • Table A-III/2 (Use of leadership and managerial skills)

  • Emergency Response Training (0.5 day or 1 day): The Swedish Club’s Emergency Response Training simulates reality, helping you become better at emergencies before they happen. Should an incident take place, an organization that has been proactive in testing its established emergency plans, and carried out drills under the International Safety Management (ISM) code part A, rule 8, Emergency Preparedness, will see a big difference in the way a real-life incident is handled - in terms of saving lives, protecting the environment and minimizing costs in many areas.

Marine Insurance Courses

  • Marine Insurance Course (MIC) Online: The Marine Insurance Course (MIC) covers the important aspects of marine insurance, ranging from terms and conditions to the practical handling of claims. The focus is on the three major types of marine insurance - Protection & Indemnity (P&I), Hull & Machinery (H&M), and Freight Demurrage & Defence (FD&D).
  • Marine Insurance Seminar (MIS), Piraeus: The Marine Insurance Seminar (MIS) presents all important aspects of marine insurance such as Protection & Indemnity, Hull & Machinery and Freight Demurrage and Defence, as well as the terms and conditions for the practical handling of claims and loss prevention.


  • Engine failures, the causes and advice
  • Transporting cargo: Managing the risks
  • Navigational claims - How to avoid major pitfalls
  • Navigating sanctions due diligence an overview of best practice
  • Proactive and Reliable Loss Prevention
  • Trade Enable Loss Prevention (TELP) introduction