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Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering, and Marine and Offshore Engineering Programs & Collaborative Degrees at AMC Launceston

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The Australian Maritime College (AMC) is an internationally recognized maritime and marine tertiary education institution based in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia and is part of the University of Tasmania (UTAS). AMC is Australia's national center for maritime education, training and research. It has two campuses located within 31 miles of each other in Northern Tasmania, each with different facilities and residence.

The National Centre for Maritime Engineering and Hydrodynamics at AMC offers four-year Bachelor of Engineering degrees that are accredited by Engineers Australia and masters and research degrees recognized worldwide. Areas of study include: Marine and offshore Systems, Ocean Engineering, and Naval Architecture.

As a maritime engineering student you will be located at the Launceston Campus and have access to world class facilities including the Towing Tank, Model Test Basin and Cavitation Tunnel; all designed to give you the best possible learning environment and a good balance of theory and practical applications.

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Maritime Engineering Programs

Engineering Regular Programs

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Naval Architecture) - 4 years: Naval Architects are responsible for the design and construction of marine craft such as high-speed ferries, submarines, racing yachts, cruise liners and cargo and military ships. Australia leads the world in the design and construction of high-speed aluminum craft and Naval Architects are in huge demand. Naval Architects are also in demand in companies that design and build leisure craft, sailing and power yachts, and marine surveying.
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Ocean Engineering) - 4 years: Ocean Engineers are involved in the design of some of the largest, most complex and expensive structures produced by mankind including offshore structures such as oil and gas platforms, subsea pipelines, submersible vehicles, ports and harbors and alternative energy systems. Highly paid jobs are available in Australia, Europe, USA, UK and Asia designing and managing huge installations for the offshore oil and gas industry and generating power from the oceans. There are also careers with engineering consultancy firms specializing in coastal engineering, underwater vehicles, and port and harbor design. Graduates can apply for any suitable position open to structural engineers.
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Marine and Offshore Engineering) - 4 years: This degree is unique to AMC and focuses upon the innovative design, manufacture, deployment and commissioning of systems associated with the marine and offshore oil and gas industries. It is suited to students interested in mechanical and mechanical-electrical equipment, such as fuel-injected turbocharged engines, large gas turbine generators or massive oil and gas rigs.

Engineering Co-operative Programs

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Naval Architecture (Co-operative) -5 years: program prepares students for careers in the shipbuilding industry, designing and constructing luxury super yachts, sailing and power craft, destroyers and patrol boats for the defense industry, underwater vehicles and submarines, and big ocean cruise liners; the high-speed ferry industry; insurance sector; and marine consultancy firms. Students complete a mandatory minimum of 12 weeks work experience (exposure to professional practice).
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Ocean Engineering (Co-operative) -5 years: The program prepares students for careers designing and managing the installation of offshore, subsea and coastal structures for the oil and gas industry, in particular the offshore industry; the renewable energy industry; coastal and environmental engineering; marine consultancy firms; and ocean research organizations.
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Marine and Offshore Engineering (Co-operative) -5 years: The program focuses on the design, manufacture, deployment and commissioning of machinery and systems associated with the marine and offshore industries.

Engineering Collaborative Degrees

  • Bachelor of Engineering 2+2 Program - Collaborative Degrees (4 years): AMC in partnership with a number of world class institutions within Australia and New Zealand, which means you have the opportunity to experience two world class institutions with the Bachelor of Engineering 2+2 program. The first two years of your degree will be completed on campus at the partnered university, with the final two years of your degree to be completed on campus at AMC in Launceston, Tasmania. Collaborations exist with the following institutions - Flinders University, South Australia; Edith Cowan University (ECU), Western Australia; and Auckland University of Technology (AUT), Auckland, New Zealand.

LAST UPDATED ON Sep 21, 2017

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