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Marine, Offshore, Classification and Statutory Survey Courses in UK and Online

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Founded in 2013 and located at Grimsby UK, Larsens Marine Surveyors & Consultants provide services in the survey and auditing of ships and offshore floating units, technical consulting services, owners representative services, education and training, third party witness and expert witness roles. The services can benefit Private Owners, Protection and Indemnity (P&I Clubs), Insurance Companies, Ship owners, Solicitors, Ship Brokers, Educational Establishment and individuals alike.

Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants are located on the South Bank of the River Humber, on the East Coast of England, and close to the ports of Immingham, Hull, Grimsby and Goole. The company actively promotes training, education and continued professional development in the marine and offshore sectors.

Larsens Marine Surveyors and Consultants support maritime distance learning courses and they are authors and course directors of the courses offered by Lloyds Maritime Academy, North West Kent College and IBC Academy. They also provide training staff who are not only well versed, qualified and experienced in the training subject but who have also taken further external training known as Train the Trainer. The classroom based courses are tailor made to the needs of the client.

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Training Programs

Maritime Distance Learning Courses

  • Diploma in Surveying of Offshore Floating Units (12 months, part-time): This professional development diploma has been designed to provide the necessary knowledge required for offshore surveyors to get and remain up to date and highly skilled. You can continue your studies by taking the MSc in Marine Surveying from Middlesex University.
  • Diploma in Marine Surveying (12 months, part-time): The course provides invaluable technical and management knowledge for the fully informed surveyor. This course primarily supports existing marine surveyors around the world.  It also aims to educate future surveyors, (including non-seafarers) who have the interest and academic ability to learn about marine surveying, marine engineering and naval architecture.
  • Certificate in Classification and Statutory Surveys (12 weeks, part-time): The course focus on key principles in classification and statutory surveys for the marine professional and include Study roles, regulatory and operational aspects. This course is Ideal for Marine surveyors, personnel engaged within classification societies and statutory bodies, insurers, lawyers and policy makers.
  • Certificate in Marine Surveying Practices (12 weeks, part-time): The course will develop your understanding of marine surveying and include introduction to regulatory and survey practices. The course is ideal for maritime professionals and potential surveyors.

Other Training Programs

  • Classroom Based Maritime Courses
  • Maritime Cyber Security
  • Training Workshops