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Maritime, Superyacht, Safety, Security, Surveying and other Vocational Distance Learning Programs

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Maritime Training Academy (MTA) is part of the Maritime Services Group and offers vocational distance learning diplomas for students within the marine industry. With strong connections within the marine industry all of the courses are written by industry experts and are continuously updated to keep up to date with industry changes and developments. They also offer the option for students to join on a online tutorial before their chosen exam.

From the roots as marine surveyors, naval architects and master mariners the group has grown to include three distinct companies that cover the globe and include marine surveying, distance learning, classroom based courses and bespoke onsite training.

Also part of the Maritime Services Group is The Training Academy which is a proven global provider of bespoke on-site training solutions, classroom based learning, training and practical courses from its academy in Hampshire, United Kingdom.

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Distance Learning Programs

Diploma Programs (12 Months)

  • Boatyard and Marina Operations: The Boatyard and Marina Operations course covers all aspects of working in a boatyard or marina, whether it is from a small sailing yacht to container vessels.
  • Health and Safety in Ship Operations: The Health and Safety in Ship Operations Course is a comprehensive look at health and safety, in all its guises and how it operates in the maritime sphere.
  • LNG Shipping: This course is unique to the LNG Shipping Transportation Industry. It covers all the theoretical and practical aspects of the IMO LNG Training requirements and much more.
  • Marine Insurance Claims: The course covers all aspects of insurance claims, from the history and developments through legislative changes to different aspects of handling a claim.
  • Marine Pilotage: This course will give you a greater understanding of the role of the marine pilot and in turn will give you the skills necessary to build a successful career within this growing industry.
  • Marine Salvage: This course in Marine Salvage is a practical guide to all the various aspects involved in a professional salvage scenario.
  • Maritime Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Fire Safety: With this Maritime Fire Prevention, Fire Fighting and Fire Safety Diploma you will gain an in depth knowledge of not only firefighting operations but also the preventative measures required to manage the risk from fires on ships.
  • Maritime Law: It covers a wide range of maritime law issues including salvage, towage and collision, carriage of goodsby sea, international maritime conventions and employment at sea and Health and Safety.
  • Offshore Operations: The offshore operations course is designed to encompass all aspects relating to oil and gas activities. The subject matter gives a descriptive analysis from the creation of oil and gas, locating the deposits, the layout of subsea equipment, its extraction to its production and the equipment used.
  • Port State Control: educate you on the fundamental components of Port State Control. From SOLAS to MARPOL, ISPS to ISM, this course will benefit the multitude of seafarers by educating you on the legal aspects of Port State Control and offering an insight into the work of a PSC Surveyor.
  • Restoration of Historic Ships & Boats: This Restoration of Historic Ships & Boats course will help to bring that dream to fruition and allow you to take the steps required to fulfil your own vision with clear and easy to follow guidelines, and also help you towards a fuller understanding of the whole process.
  • Ship Security: With this Diploma you will develop and deepen your knowledge of the Ship Security industry. You will engage with a range of challenging topics such as ISPS code, Passenger Vessel Security, Superyacht and Private Yacht Security.
  • Ship Surveying: With this training course you will develop your knowledge of Ship Surveying, enabling you to conduct a survey with effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Shipbuilding and Ship Repair: With this innovative course, you will gain the essential skills and knowledge required, enabling you to successfully run and manage the building and repair process.
  • Superyacht Management: With this Diploma you will develop your knowledge of the superyacht industry from a yacht management perspective, enabling you to fulfil your job role to its maximum potential with greatest efficiency.
  • Superyacht Refit & Newbuilding: Superyacht Project Management - Refit and New Building Diploma has been developed to provide essential guidance to anyone embarking on or currently involved with a superyacht refit or new build project. The course is designed to enhance your project management skills and assist you at each stage of the refit and build process.
  • Superyacht Operations: The Superyacht Operations Diploma will develop and deepen your knowledge of the Superyacht industry and its onboard operations, which in turn will help you to excel in your career.
  • Superyacht Pursers: With this Diploma you will develop a much wider knowledge of the superyacht industry as well as the more detailed aspects of what a Purser needs to do in order to be outstanding as part of the management team on a larger superyacht.
  • Superyacht Surveying: This course is aimed at given the prospective surveyor the background information they will need so that he or she can enter the market properly prepared to face the specific challenges that superyachts provide.
  • Tanker Operations: The Tanker Operations course is designed to encompass all aspects relating to the operation of the tanker. The subject matter gives a historical description of the tanker and the types used.
  • Technical Ship Management: With this course you will gain an excellent understanding of the role of the Technical Ship Manager and in turn learn the skills required to run a ship with efficiency and success.
  • Yacht & Small Craft Surveying: With this Yacht and Small Craft Surveying course you will develop and deepen your knowledge of Small Craft Surveying and learn the skills required to conduct a survey efficiently and effectively.
  • Yacht and Boat Building: The Yacht and Boat Building course is constructed to guide those dreams to fruition and further educate you on the intricacies involved with building your own boat. Incorporating aspects of the decision-making, management and construction processes, you will be a step closer to achieving your dreams of building your own vessel.
  • Yacht Brokerage: Over the years this course has been updated to reflect all aspects of the constantly evolving yacht brokerage industry. Module subjects include essential matters such as registration, title rules and regulations, yacht brokers and the law, business management and valuation along with other challenging subjects such as insurance, finance, sea trials and chartering.

Maritime Short Courses

  • Cargo Surveying
  • Conducting an Inclining Test
  • Introduction to Port State Inspections
  • Introduction to Ship Surveying
  • Introduction to the ISM Code
  • Introduction to the Superyacht Industry
  • Marine Incident Investigation
  • Maritime Emergency Preparation & Response
  • Sails and Rigs
  • Superyacht Deckhand
  • Surveying Yacht & Small Craft Engines
  • Surveying Yacht & Small Craft Systems